Problem: Pro-ject Audio CD Box RS2 T transport

I recently purchased a Pro-ject Audio CD Box RS2 T transport. The unit is brand new, never opened or used. The specific unit I received is emitting an audible, continual whooshing sound while spinning discs. It's loud enough to be audible during listening. 

I know this transport has received high praises from several people on this forum. Can anyone who owns this unit tell me whether this is considered "normal" for this unit? Or are your units literally dead silent while spinning a disc?

Wondering how I should handle this as the unit was imported to the USA from overseas.

Thank you!


Reach out your dealer and ask for immediate replacement. Apparently there are known operational issues…..check out the latest thread on CD Box


@lalitk Thank you! I have reached out to the dealer. I have seen these posts, unfortunately. My confusion is whether these units ever really get dead silent or will one actually have to tolerate some level of audible whooshing with them, even in the best case scenario.

Thanks for sharing, @fuzztone. Sigh. I almost didn't want to hear that!:) Seems like my unit is flawed.


Sorry to hear about your CD Box problems. I had two. The first replaced under warranty because of CD recognition failure. The second because of the whooshing noise you described. A CD Box dealer I communicated with said Pro-Ject is in the process of re-engineering in order to fix these design flaws.


I'd really like to replace my defective CD Boxes with a new one, but at the moment I don't think that's a good idea.

I started a thread about resolving CD transports.



@wharfy Thank you for your response and pointing me to your thread! Unfortunate that we are in this situation. You stated, "I’d really like to replace my defective CD Boxes with a new one, but at the moment I don’t think that’s a good idea."

So after that second replacement, what’s the status of your current Pro-ject transport? Were you left with a dead silent, perfectly working unit?


My RS2T is “dead silent “ since purchased in 2021. Pro-Ject is according to word of mouth reports in the midst of sorting out and correcting their operational flaws.


It’s a shame that some manufacturers don’t fully vett their products before selling to the mass public. I realize that sometimes things happen but it is unacceptable that a brand new unit is noisy.  I find it more discerning that they are working on a fix. Does that mean everyone who bought the current model is screwed and may have future problems down the road?

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@charles1dad Thank you for sharing! Good to know that at least some units don’t have these problems.

My replaced unit only makes some sounds as it loads the disc. During play it is almost completely silent.

A proper functioning unit should be quiet.

@lpretiring Thank you for sharing! I am also getting those disc load noises, so I know what you mean. Do you have anything you could share about how you went about how you obtained a replacement?

I'm curious as to what those who own the Pro-Ject Audio CD Box RS2 T Transport; what is your transport sitting on, any type of tweak device or simply the shelf of your rack?


I purchased my unit from Underwood Wally who was all about customer service pertaining to the issues with the RS2-T's he sold. 

The distributor's rep Jesse on initial contact was discussing repairing the unit. That was not acceptable to me and at that point Wally was involved and new units not only for me but other Wally customers were to be supplied when available.


Walter and Underwood are outstanding. Way back in 2002, he recommended I purchase a JoLida JD-100 hybrid CD player. One of the things he said is the CD player is so well designed you could still be playing it in 20 years. It's still going strong, part of a modest office system. I'm using RCA 5751 silver tops and the sound is sweet and liquid.


Not sure how much help this will be but here goes.

I have a Monoprice amp stand that I place the shelf piece from an old Cotter B-2 turntable stand on top of. Herbie tenderfeet on top of the shelf with my DAC resting on the feet. On top of the DAC are 2 PPT Omega mats with more tenderfeet on top of the mats with the RS2-T finishing the pile.