Problems connecting my Sony Bravia TV to Hegel h360 integrated

Hello all, decided to try and use my h360 with our newish Sony Bravia.  A very simple start to a very simple home theater (?) setup.  Purchased a digital optical audio cable and running it from the optical out on the Sony to an optical in on the Hegel.  Pretty simple right?  Unfortunately, no sound.  Dbl checked the cable to make sure it was in securely.  I did manage to get it to work by using a mini to R/L rca cable from the headphone jack out.  Probably not the best way to go about it I'm guessing.  

I'm in the process of searching online for possible solutions as we speak.  Any thoughts very welcome!


I should add that I have messed around with all of the settings on both the TV and Hegel.  There is on the Hegel the ability to switch from HT to standard analog input.  I've messed around with that too with no luck.  Maybe I'm just not finding the proper combination of settings?


I know this is obvious, but did you go to the TV
audio settings > sound > optical out?  

Thanks ericsch, I've been through the TV settings several times and digital output is on as far as I can tell.  Seems to me like the problem is on the Hegel side.  But, I'm a newb with TV stuff.

You might look for "digital output" configuration on your TV.  Many video devices will default to use surround type encoding, such as Dolby Digital or DTS.  Some video devices allow you to change this configuration to "Stereo".   All the integrated amps I have seen can only decode 2-channel stereo PCM digital signals.  The Dolby Digital type signals will either not work or create a huge distortion when the integrated DAC tries to decode them.

On the Digital Audio Output setting on your TV, turn off the Dolby Digital. Stereo DACs cannot accept multi-channel data streams such as Dolby Digital. There will be an option on your SONY to select PCM instead. That should solve it!

My Bravias have always gone Toslink into a Sony AVR no problem.

It passes surround TV but not BluRay surround. That is hooked in via HDMI. Default settings always worked. At this point I'd pull out an old $2 DAC and confirm that I am getting signal that far.

The nice thing is that Sony has free support for life. Call them


Thank you for all of the suggestions.  Haven't had time to look into it further but will do so asap.