PS audio or Moon

Ive been on a search to upgrade my HT system for better music listening. Im looking at the Moon 390(if i can find one used), PS Audio Stellar Strata, or a PS Gain Cell Dac + a Bluesound Node x or Vault 2i.  Any one have opinions on these options?   


I can't speak to the others but I on the simaudio 390 and believe it is a solid performer. Does everything well for a one box solution. Build quality in simaudio products is very high and to do better Ithink you would have to pay quite a bit more.

The interesting thing about the 390: its ROON endpoint capability.  You could do a ROON trial on a PC.  If you like Roon then build up a Small Green Computer Sonic Transport i5 to run the core and have a setup that could be better than a BS Node, depending on your goals.  The interface and Meta Data of Roon will open doors like never before.


Thanks guys.  It does seem that moon is better for streaming.  PS admittedly doesnt have the best streaming interface.  Id  be ok with that if the dac and pre are superior. Biggest obstacle w the moon for me is price. 

The 390 is nice.  Build quality on Sim Audio/ Moon is very high.   Really nice stuff

I’m a huge Moon fan….  Great product and value. 

If you live a Moon dealer you can also try to obtain a factory refurbished one from folks who trade up. Likely 75% of MSRP 

I traded in my BRYSTON BDP-USB/ BDA-2 duo stack on a MOON 280D MIND2 …it’s that good . Its build quality , digital interface, and audio performance is top-shelf … it requires an OEM recommended 400 hrs to fully run-in. (But the MIND2 current version already sounds fab out of the box,).

BIG BONUS: Upgrade path and warranty

If you bought from a dealer,

(1) Upgrade Option Going forward

- MOON will offer a full 100% purchase price trade-in value on an upgraded unit within the 1st year .

- MOON will offer a 75% purchase price trade-in value on an upgraded unit within the 2nd year .

(2) Warranty

-Register online and you get an upgrade to a 10 year warranty.


yep … any new MOON isn’t cheap, but you are stepping up to top-shelf best of and breed unit stratus , In this hobby, you get what you pay for.

” Price is what you pay, value is what you get”




Which Bryston BDP did you own? Nice score on the Moon stack.


Happy Listening!

Budget Solution: 

Rogue Audio Pre can be had for ~$1.2K , used

Moon Mind2 streamer $2.4K, new

Schiit Modius DAC ~ $300 new

Less than $4K your in with respected components

Negative: 3 boxes

Positive: You can upgrade each as disposable income allows 


Thanks peeps for the input.  Im kinda suprised that no love has been shown for the PS stuff.  I guess thats why we ask for advice.  Now trick is to convince the boss that "we" need the moon 390.  In my mind though it makes sense as itll bring the most out of my paradigms and anthem amp and may be the piece thats the anchor of my system moving forward  

I do a plug for PS Audio.  They operate less than a couple miles from my house and i have been through their facility. First rate. I have met Paul and he is really a nice person. I had the  S300 amp and had really good service out of the unit.   I wouldnt hesitate to recommend them. 

What’s the rest of the equipment in your system, what sound characteristics are most important to you, what’s your budget, and are you looking for new or used?  This info would help greatly in making more targeted and meaningful recommendations here.

Thanks Jb. You live in Gods country. So beautiful. Was out therefor the first time a few months ago. Went to the Rocky Mountain National Park...friggin awesome. Kinda puts crap  into perspective. I wanted to get to PS but didnt. Great company. Kinda just want to own something from them but i realize that may not be whats best for me so im leaning towards moon.


And you Mr Soix....please dont tell me how stupid i am again.  I value your input. Please remember im new. 

My system started RECENTLY as a marantz cinema 60 and in wall B&W Left and Right,  B&W center and rear ceiling surrounds. Ive always been a critical listener so i quickly realized that my new system wasnt so good for music. Was ok,  not good. Wife agreed so i bought paradigm 100f towers and a anthem mca 325gen 2 amp.  Made a big i got the bug and want  better. And, heeding your advice, i set out on a mission to get my crap ass marantz cinema 60 out of my 2 channel path and at the same time leave room for growth.  So here i am again looking for input.  Thanks for any input. 

Hi @sandrodg73, I have owned all of the PS Audio equipment and the BS models you mentioned.  I agree with Jb, PS and Paul are friendly, kind, helpful and  have great customer service.  And it is beautiful country!  But i do not think any of those components are in the league of Moon.  As I stated, I used to own the others.  Good luck!  Ken

Another vote that PS Audio is not on the same box as Moon… not even close. I’ve had a few PS Audio pieces and they are “ok” but the Moon gear is steps above, hands down.

TMR has 2 390’s offered currently. Top notch company… 

I have the Moon 390. Extremely versatile. Very good DAC and Phono stage MM/MC. + headphone jack to top it!

May be a bit on the dry side however. Better to match with a warm sounding amp. The match I got is with the Pass Lab XA25. Very satisfied after 2 years.

my orchestra conductor buddy has a 390…. he is over the Moon crazy about it and i have a high opinion of it in his 2 channel system….

I agree with what others have said about the Simaudio Moon products.  I have the ACE and it’s really solid.  I might be overhauling my hifi rig soon and the ACE may be going on the market.  Message me if you’re interested as these seem to go for around half of what the 390 goes for used.

I may be cdpike.  Can it be used as a pre amp too? 

I have a nice anthem mca325 gen 2 for my fronts 

I have a gaincell stellar pre/dac along with the s300 amp.

I am really happy with what i have paid at MSRP.

Not a bad choice at all.  I am sure the same can be said about Moon

  Your short list is very very good.