Psb Platinum speakers

Has anybody had a chance to see and hear the new Psb speakers? Can you give me your impression please?
Yeah I'd be interested to have someone keep us posted on oppinions on these speakers.
As would I. It has not been made perfectly clear to me if they are PSB's new "standard", and a replacement to the Gold i, or just a new line. I'm in the market now, but can wait if it's only a couple months.
The Platinum Series is supposed to be PSB's new flagship speakers. I have Goldi's, am very interested in the Platinum T8.
I have heard the Platinum PSB's on a all VTL setup.And it is nothing to write home about.Imagining is vague and the soundstage was flat.Maybe this was the VTL gear I really don't know.But it was really disapointing.Hope this helps.
I switched from PSB golds to Mcintosh LS-360's. If you like the relaxed sound of the gold, you will find it in the Mcintosh speakers. However, the Mcintosh's are far far more detailed. Bass is also much better. With the golds, you can't really hear phase changes with bass. You can clearly hear it with the Mcintosh speakers. Drum reproduction is an order of magnitude better with the Ls-360. If you are looking to upgrade from the golds, it can be difficult. They are so competative for the price. I auditioned a lot of speakers before I could find one that significantly outperformed the golds without speading a ridiculous amount of money. The cabinet is extremely well built with a very solid veneer as well with the Mcintosh speakrers. If the Platinums don't impress,you, the MC's surely will.
Hmmm... Platinum speakers and VTL. The Goldis are current-hungry, and even though the T8s are a couple of dB more sensitive, I wonder if a tube amp can source the kind of current needed. How does a Goldi/VTL setup sound?
1439bhr it sounds kinda flat.And the imaging was way off.I'am used to hearing Cassandra Wilson center stage 4 to 5 feet off the floor on one of her recordings.She sounded like she was two feet off the floor next to the left speaker.I could hear the music coming separately out of each speaker.They never disappeared!I really don't know what the problem was but it sounded pretty bad.The VTL tubes are suppose to be stable down to 2 ohms.The Platinums did sound a little better.
I believe PSB is a little out of its market and league in the "hi-end" GOld/Platimum is just too competitive at that level...with Maggies,Vandersteen,Thiel,Meadowlark,etc to just name a few...PSB really excels at the sub 1k price points...with their image level series....
Beg to differ Phasecorrect, as I bet thousands of Stratus Gold owners would also. The Gold i is one of the best full range speakers in its class.
The Mcintosh speakers retail for 7k, but check the demo and used market and you can get a discount. All of the speakers that I've found to be better than the PSB cost at least twice as much. PSB Golds are extremely competative. Anyone looking to upgrade past the PSB Golds should be ready to pay a lot more.
Although no retail price listed at PSB site I believe the Platinums are much more expensive vs Status series (T8 retail $6500?, T6 retail $4700?) and at that higher price point will face very tough competition from some heavy hitter speakers.

There are incredible deals currently from many dealers on new Stratus Gold-I $1500-1700 range with blems even cheaper, very high value/performance ratio and I agree that you need some power to bring out their best 150-200+
watt range.

I am echoing Bulldog that you have to pay much more to noticeably set up from Gold-I, great value for audiophiles.
I really can't agree with the saying you have to pay double to get better.I listened to some Meadowlark Swifts on the same set up.It was a day and night difference.I could easily pickout the position of the musicians and singers in the soundstage.I couldn't do this on the Psb goldis.And neither could the other person auditioning them.The tweeters called attention to themselves where the Meadowlarks were more seemless.The Meadowlarks had a 3 dimensional soundstage with depth.The Psb's had a 1 dimensional soundstage.When I sat down to listen to the Meadowlarks it sounded like one big speaker.When I did the same thing on the PSBs it sounded like two big speakers.I'am not trying to bash anyones speakers but this is honestly what I heard.I guess we all have our demands on our equipment.One of mine is a system must be able to disappear while only leaving the music.If it can't do this on certain recordings, no matter how much it cost it isn't for me!I don't own Meadowlarks or PSBs so I'am not biased towards either.But the Meadowlarks were clearly better engineered to what most audiophiles will probably prefer.
Gmood1 ,I would say that either the speakers you heard were not broken in fully or the VTL was not up to driving them.. They are a bit of a load that does respond best to a an amp with good current drive. You also say you are not biased, yet you have posted 3 responses on this thread that would seem to indicate feelings to the contrary.... just my 2cents Pull a cork....Winoguy
Hi Gmood1,

Read with great interest your evaluation of the PSB Goldi's vs the Meadowlark Swifts. I'm not sure what you were using for electronics but whatever it was must have been seriously defective. I'll refrain from commenting on the Meadowlarks, to each his own, but with decent amplification and a good source there should be no comparison between these speakers. The PSB's are less then forgiving of amplification that cannot drive them to perfection, but a good high current design from Classe or McCormack will make these babies sing in a way the Meadowlark's never could.

When you mentioned that the tweeter of the PSB called attention to itself I immediately knew you were underdriving these amazing big fella's. I just recently made the Goldi's a permanent fixture in my home, and only after a very long and exhaustive search to replace my passion for electrostatics. Please note that I also considered some very expensive B&W's during this process, I can fortunately state that I could afford the bigger B&W's, but they were not musical in my evaluation of a loudspeaker.

Grab a Classe CA-201 or a McCormack DNA-225 and try out those Goldi's again, there's no doubt in my mind that you will reconsider your opinion.
Maybe one of these days I will try your suggestion Rjhalla and see what happens.As for you Winoguy, the truth really hurts doesn't it!Get over it and pull a cork.And you can keep your 2 cents!
Don't want to get too off topic here or make it sound like
I am PSB fanboy, but besides the decent amp size of Gold-I they really need at least 16x16 size space to sound good.
This means pull them 5-6ft out from speaker wall to get best imaging etc.

Not saying they are unbeatable at their price level, but they offer good value for audiophile. I'm sure the Platinums will sound even better but they should at 2x the price.

I own some PSB Silver-I also and think they are a little more detailed and image even better vs Gold-I, but overall I prefer the Gold-I sound.
To Gmood1:

Where exactly did you audition the Platinums with VTL's?? In conversation with one of the largest distributors of PSB products just 3 days ago I was told they are scrambling to get hold of a pair of the new Platinums, any pair by the way.
Rjhalla I audition them in Atlanta,Ga at Audio Video Alternatives ph 770-931-0606.
I'm still looking... haven't found a PSB dealer with any in stock yet. I called PSB to inquire, there's one dealer authorized in all of NY state, one dealer in New Jersey. The NJ dealer is waiting for stock, haven't talked to the NY dealer. The lady at PSB was almost snotty when I asked if they were intending a wider distribution than this, and could they please hurry, there's a bunch of us Stratus Gold-i owners who can't wait to hear the Platinums. She said that only very few dealers would get these. The NJ dealer indicated the PSB is very slow to ship the T8s. Wonder if they're having manufacturing startup problems?
Monmouth Stereo in Shrewsbury has them

T8, C4 and surrounds all setup... playing on Parasound electronics.

Wonderful Imaging......... go listen

store number is 732-842-6565 and ask for Tom
Check out the November 2003 Stereophile... Platinum T8 on the cover, review inside. The review reads like "Class A" potential.

Now, to find a dealer who has these...