Qobuz charges

I signed up for a Qobuz free trial...I canceled before the deadline...Then I got a bill for  $160 that must be a year of service that I don't want.  When I contacted their customer service they said they dont give refunds.  I contacted paypal and they refused to correct the mistake.  I am now in the process of contesting the charge with VISA.  The Qobuz website is very confusing and it is impossible to talk to a human being about this problem.  It also took Qobuz almost 3 weeks to even answer my complaint...Has anyone else have this problem.
I had the same problem, you can sign up but you can never leave. Qobuz reps in their emails were rude and unhelpful. Luckily I was able to get Visa to cancel it, finally.  
As a Qobuz subscriber that’s really disconcerting and disappointing to hear.  Tell them you’re going to invade them and they’ll just give up. 
quboz, for all its nice sound etc - has had a rich history of billing issues like the one mentioned by op

subscribers need to keep themselves covered by cc company and/or other means when signing up/changing plans etc etc - better be careful than be sorry after the fact

Thanks for your response.  Visa has started an investigation into the charges..I can't even figure out which package I'm signed up for let alone how to cancel it.  It's been over a month and I'm worried about more charges. 
^^^it appears you opted for 1 year subscription plan ~ $149.99 at the beginning of trial. Qobuz requires you to initiate cancellation email 48 hours before the trial end date. If you did that, then you will get your money back from your credit card once investigation is complete.
Phew! I had taken a trial in Dec and cancelled earlier this month, well in advance. This post made me nervous and check my account in Qobuz, but touch wood they seem to have updated to cancelled status. Very happy with Tidal's monthly billing. 
Best of luck. 
I must say that Qobuz sounds really good on my Focal speakers, both from France...
^^^^Qobuz offers the best sound quality, I dumped Tidal as soon as Qobuz launched in US.