QSA Power Jitter Power Conditioner, anyone tried it?

I’ve got a Yellow one on order. Has anyone else tried it? I have the QSA stones in several places in my system. I tried the light blue fuses, and liked them, but ended up replacing them with the SR purples. This Power Jitter seems like a good way for someone who is is open to these kind of tweaks, but doesn’t want to mess around with fuses, to try QSA.




Thanks for your posting. I first learned about this from @arafiq. IME, power conditioners tends to add their ‘signature’ on the overall sound of your system. In any case, looking forward to your feedback.

@tommylion I'm open-minded regarding audio tweaks. A few weeks ago I purchased one QSA Power Jitter Power Conditioner - Yellow, the least expensive one offered. I'll admit that I need to give it additional break-in time and try it on additional components in my system but thus far I've heard NADA!


Thanks for sharing. May I know how exactly you’re using the QSA - Yellow? Are you using ahead of power conditioner or on individual components?

I used 3 of the yellows, but noticed just one had enough effect.

What’s interesting about these is that I can more easily switch in and out vs. the fuses.

I ended up removing these from my system. They accentuated the highs at the expense of mid-bass and low end. 

@lalitk Thus far I tried the Yellow on my Allnic - T1500 and Luxman 590 AXII, plugged into my Niagara 1200. Eventually, I'll get around to individual components and plugged directly into the wall outlet.

I recently added the QSA Red and definitely heard an improvement in the sound quality. I'm using it on the power cord for my Gigawatt Powerprime power conditioner. I noticed better separation between instruments, a bit more presence/oomph, and definitely an appreciable difference in bass -- tighter and punchier. In fact, the improvement in bass response is such that I have switched off my two REL subs and can still enjoy jazz, vocals, classical. I only turn on the sub when listening to rock, EDM, etc.

Having said that, I also have a QSA Red Receptacle so not sure how much of a role is it playing here. I don't have any experience with the Yellow or Violet.

Finally got my yellow Power Jitter in the mail today. Put it between my power conditioner and the wall outlet. First impression, I don’t see it coming out anytime soon😁 If it gets even better over the next few days, I will be one happy camper!

@tommylion   Any particular receptacle you have there where the Jitter is plugged? I have a QSA violet and was wondering if one of these Jitters would add anything. Happy listening!

Just looking at the site is embarrassing and makes me ashamed to be an audio enthusiast.

The guy who "engineered/designed" those fancy cheater plugs made in China is a genius.

OH I forgot-YMMV


thespeakerdude nails the 3 pointer with seconds on the shot clock!

Everyone can spend their money the way they want to...and hear what they want to hear.

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The duplex my yellow is plugged into is a standard cheapo one, so I can’t help you there. For what it’s worth, Tweek Geek says they work well with the QSA outlets, and provide additional benefit.

Obviously, I was hoping for improvements with the Power Jitter, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was surprised by the magnitude of what I heard right out of the gate, I can only speak about what I heard in my already highly tweaked, and, IMO, great sounding system. I was listening critically, looking for downsides, but I couldn’t find any. I heard improvements across the board, in all the areas that are important to me. This could change with further break in and listening, we’ll see.

tablejockey, thespeakerdude,


Yes, clearly QSA didn’t make these from scratch, they took an already existing item and added their special sauce. How is that relevant to what the final product does, or doesn’t, do in the context of one’s own system?

Unfortunately the negative nellies are out in force as usual with tweaks. What bothers me is these individuals don’t even bother to try what they put down. Maybe their systems or ears just don’t make the grade so they wouldn’t discern any differences no matter how good a product is but more than likely they get a kick putting people down who are willing to use their ears and their brains.

Having said that, tommylion nailed it. I tried a yellow and was intrigued enough by what it did to try the red. The yellow went into a second system. The red really kicked everything up a notch.  As tommylion stated the bass got  deeper and tighter. The soundstage got bigger and I heard details I didn’t know were in a some recordings. I was so impressed I traded the red in for a red/black. It has only been in the system a couple of days so I will wait before commenting.

All three units were plugged directly into the outlet that feeds my Synergistic Research power conditioner which feeds my 2 channel system.

There is nothing impressive looking about these QSA units but they sure do make a positive difference. 

I am really interested to hear your thoughts on the black/red.  Tweak Geeks told me it would be better to buy the B/R jitter plug than a b/r fuse.  Obviously, it can affect more components.  

@willgolf I am planning a listening session this afternoon and will post my findings later today or tomorrow.

OK ,I just finished a wonderful 5. + hour listening session.  The red/black may still require some additional break in time but I think I heard enough to post some impressions. First it isn’t a Quantum Leap(bad pun intended) from the red to the red/black as it was when going from the yellow to the red. The yellow is a bargain but performance wise so is the red. The red/black adds to the strengths of the red. The red might be the sweet spot in this lineup but I am sticking with the red/black. If you are wondering why, it is because it gives me a little bit more of what I am looking for from my system. Yes,it is double the price but for me it is worth it. I believe the Tweek Geek allows a 30 day trial so if you are on the fence try both.

+1 @lwin

When I put the Red in my system, the improvement was immediate and very noticeable. It only got better after a few days.

I would assume it will get better with way more hours on it.  Has either of you tried it from a source component directly to the wall outlet?

@willgolf Yes I tried it with my amp this way. Then I switched back to using it with the power conditioner. I didn't really notice much of a difference to be honest. But as usual YMMV. I think TweekGeek still offers 30 day return guarantee. That's a really good deal if you ask me.

@willgolf no I did not try it directly on a source component as I thiI get better bang for the buck plugging my Synergistic Research power conditioner into it that way everything in my 2 channel system is covered.

I ordered the Red jitter for Christmas. 😄. I will see how it goes on the PSM156 at the wall receptacle which is a QSA violet. I also have an ADD POWR Wizard on the  circuit next to the violet receptacle so I’m curious how they will mate. Thanks to Iwin and others for their feedback!

Watiting for him to get the violet plug in stock and will try it between the wall outlet and my Blue Circle 6000 power conditioner. I will say that when I added a Shunyata Defender into the same wall socket that there was an additional uptick in SQ

@t-ramey & fasten let us know what your impressions are once you get them in your system.

Do these adapters work well with mono block amps? Or are they better suited with digital equipment?


In addition to my last post, I have a Niagara 7000 and Dragon power cords, do you think it would be better to place a higher value adapter (QSA power thing conditioner) onto the (Dragon power cord) at the wall that then plugs into the Niagara or a lesser value from individual components that are plugged into the Niagara?

It just seems, the Dragon power cord has such an impressive plug, and with this adapter plug I will be attaching such a cheapo plug to it. Hard to believe it is a good idea and goes against my core belief.

I am also very curious about these things in general. As has been shown, it is a very cheap plug. I’m pretty sure these aren’t taken apart to be treated. So, there must be some external force that has been applied. Any ideas?

Synergistics’s claim to fame was their "Quantum Tunneling" is this a similar treatment? Or is it what looks like to be a tape on the plug the miracle?


I think QSA does do some type of treatment similar to SR’s to their products but I don’t know exactly what. I’m going by what these here have experimented with and it does appear the Red is a great start to play around with at the wall receptacle where the system is plugged in at. Mike at Tweek Geek told me that just having these plugged in to various receptacles in the room can have a positive impact, which sounds like what other companies have done like High Fidelity with the mc-0.5 and Nordost QRT.

Thank you t_ramey for your comments.

The tape that is on the plug is also on the rocks, outlets, and a version of it is on the fuses. Is this the secret treatment?


@ozzy  You have some good questions,I cannot speak for QSA or the Tweek Geek but  you should try talking to Mike Garner the Tweek Geek himself. I too am curious as to what makes these plugs work. Something that small shouldn’t have the impact that they do. They do come with a 30 day trial so you can get one and move it around but myself I will stick with it leading into my Synergistic Research Powercell which has one of their more expensive power cords providing power to it. Using them before your power conditioner gives you more bang for your buck.
If you do try one out please post your findings. 

Thank you, Iwin.

Somehow, someway, I’ll try it, and post my opinions. I'm such a tweaker anyway...


I’m 24hrs in on having the Red jitter plug and I’m already really liking what I’m hearing. The first place I’ve plugged it in is at the receptacle next to my system that has the ADD POWR Wizard hooked up. Clean articulate bass is the first thing that jumped out at me. I have a track that starts with an upright bass and then has a trumpet that cones in off the left behind the left speaker. The articulation of the bass is outstanding and the trumpet, which is normally a few feet behind the speaker now appears to be several more feet further in the room. 

I’m not getting any glare that some have reported and nothing tilted up. It’s early so I’ll let it stay in this spot for a while before trying it on the QSA violet receptacle where my PSM156 is located. So far so good!

As an avid tweaker, I am also intrigued with this even though I am happy with three Furon plug in filters.



Yesterday, I received the black/red plug. Tried it first on my video dedicated line and watched some live TV. (football) I thought the image was very good, more 3 dimensional.

Today, I have it now plugged in to my main dedicated audio line in which I already have several other tweaks and a Niagara 7000 power conditioner.

First impression. I think I hear a little more definition but perhaps not. I plan on letting it run in for a week before removing it and then examine for change.


One of my audiophile buddies visited for the last two days. He knows the sound of my system very well. He immediately noticed the improvement in sound after two songs and was flabbergasted when he saw the QSA plug that accounted for it. I have tried a lot of tweaks but he said the QSA plug was the best yet. He was so impressed that he is ordering a red plug.

For those of you on the fence remember there is a 30 day trial. What works in my system may not in yours but you will never know unless you try. Personally I am delighted with what the red/black plug did in my system. 

@Iwin. --- Can you remind me exactly where you used the QSA plug in your system?  What worked best?

@willgolf my Synergistic Research power cell is plugged into the QSA that takes care of my amps. I also have a PSAudio Stellar power conditioner plugged into the power cell to give proper current to my front end components. I just posted a little detail about my system in the virtual system forum. 

@lwin ....can you please post a link to your system.  I just noticed mine was way out of date and I am trying to figure out how to update it.  Thank you.

@willgolf go to virtual systems. In the search function at the top type lwin and it should come up. 

I am selling my silver power jitter so I can upgrade to gold.  The price is 50% off retail. 


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In the past, I have been a fan of all of the SR fuses. I then went to the QSA yellow fuses. I did not try the SR purple. I had them in all of my components. However, since the end of last year, I have added the Lampizator Horizon, DAC, and Aries Cerat Essentia monoblocks.  Curiously, I did not add any boutique fuses to my recent additions.  

I had an SR Power One filter plugged into the end of my Inakuatic 3500P Power conditioner to the SR Orange wall outlet.  My power cord is the Hijiri Takumi.  

I debated whether I would add the boutique fuses to the AC amps and the Horizon.  They take 6 and I was thinking about the QSA red or red black.  Mike at Tweek Geeks suggested I try the QSA Conditioner plugs instead.  

I removed the SR power one filter and installed a QSA Silver plug.  I turned my system on and listened to music with my head down reading articles on my computer.  About one minute into the first song the change in SQ immediately struck me.  I looked up and began to focus on the music and what 
I was hearing.  The music was crystal clear.  Each instrument was very detailed.  The vocals were succinct.  The soundstage widened.  Even the bass was better.  

I now listen to more jazz and instrumental pieces because the orchestration is so good now.  I am even hearing tiny background instruments that I had never heard before.  

I have no idea what QSA does to this cheap-looking plug but for me, it works.  I probably am done buying fuses.  But I do wonder what would happen if I replaced my SR Orange outlet with a QSA outlet. 




@willgolf -- not surprised at all that you liked it :)

As I already mentioned to you, I was all set to sell my QSA Red jitter in my second system to fund another purchase. I was getting ready to put it up for sale, but removing it from the chain had such a drastic effect on the SQ that I just couldn't bear to part with it. I know there is a lot of skepticism about this product since it looks so ordinary. But it works!

I also have the QSA Red Receptacle in my main system which had a similar impact. It added a more organic signature to the music ... more relaxed and expansive.