Quads - Just a couple of questions

I am considering replacing my long beloved Magge 1.6's with a new pair of Quads. (2805) Okay make that 3 questions.

1) How can I find my nearest dealer.
2) Can anyone tell me what to expect vis a vis my 1.6's (other than price)?
3) Power requirements / efficiency?
1) How can I find my nearest dealer.
From Quad's US distributer's web site (http://www.iagamerica.com/quad):
"Phone Quad directly on 781-341-1234 (option 4) to arrange an audition with your nearest stockist."

2) Can anyone tell me what to expect vis a vis my 1.6's (other than price)?
You can use them in a second system, give them away to a friend or family member or charity, sell them, whatever you wish. :)

3) Power requirements / efficiency?
May be best to discuss with Quad or the dealer.
1) try to find out the QUAD distributor and ask them;

2) the Quad will provide much greater transparency and tonal accuracy than the Mags. This does not mean you will like the Quad better but it is a far superior speaker in virtually every musically important area.

3) I believe the efficiency of the new Quads is around 87 dB and any good 50 wpc amp should be enough. With the Quad it is more a question of the quality of the amp than the amount of power available. I have always preferred them with tubes but I know several who have used good ss with considerable success.
3. The Quads are both and inefficient and limited in thier abilty to handle power. You should pursue quality amp over sheer power.
2.You are tallking low level resolution vs the 1.6 s need to be played loud. Both are high level resolution. Both tend to beam frequencies verticallly.
1. Quad should have a website with dealer locator.
Duane- I agree with you. OTL is the way to go. Atma-sphere M-60. As if Ralph needed another plug.
the Maggies are rough sounding in comparison, the Quads will have much better low level detail and a better sense of 'purity'. The Maggies are no slouch in either catagory it is just that the Quads are among the very best at any price in these regards.
Duane & Gregadd,

would atma m60 have enought power for a 4 ohm load with less than 87 db? Would you need the zero-autoformer?

I have traded in my 18 month old ML Odysseys for the Quad ESL 2905. The Quads as expected lack the LFE of the MLs but in every other way, to my ears, are among the best speakers out there. You need a minimum of 50wpc and no more than 100wpc.IMHO Tubes is the way to go.
the newer quads are no match for the original quad esl.

save your money. buy a pair of used apogee duetta signatures.

i prefer electrostatic speakers to planar magnetics. however, the quads have gotten worse after they ceased production of the original quads, somewhere in the 1970's.
Many tube amps do sound fabulous on Quads. Though some solid state amps will perform well. I used Rowland amps every now and then on my Quads with gd results. I've used & owned a number of tube amps and I have owned several diff OTL amps. For the sake of quality control, reliability, and sonic performance, I prefer the Joule Electra amps over the Atmaspheres.

Historically, Quads thrived on power. Of course we are talking not just about amps with power but amps that combine power with high quality sonics. Power is not necessarily measured in watts as the lab created specs for watts usually is not indicative of power available in real world situations. Case in point, I'd bet a "little" less than 20 watt Viva amp would sound damn gd driving Quads.

If you do go for the Quads, have fun. They are fantastic speakers.
"would atma m60 have enought power for a 4 ohm load with less than 87 db? Would you need the zero-autoformer?"

I am against the autoformer which IMO is just a a fancy name for transformer and defeats the purpose of the OTL.

I think 60 wats is enough. The amp is doing so much right(class A, otl, triode, power supply)it gives you a real 60 watts.
Yes, the AtmaSphere M 60s have plenty of power and sound wonderful but you must have the autoformers to have them at their best with 4 ohm impedance speakers. I have the Quad ESL 57s and a it is a great match. I have also had the M60s hooked up to inefficient 4 0hm loads and they are great as long as you use the autoformers.
2 other great amps would be the older Julius Futterman OTL 1 amps and the David Berning 2101 modified with Teflon caps.

The ARC 110 Ref would be a super choice. I nearly walked that road along with a ARC SP 16L.Few dealers and limited choices led me to the Conrad Johnson CT5 preamp and the new CJ L70S power amp. The CJs will take a month or more to arrive...I am hoping it all turns out well.
First of all, Quads ar not ineffecient. It is a myth. I run 988s with 75 wpc and have run them with 40 and 50. The 75 does produce an easier sound, but Quads are not meant for loud playing so don't worry about that. They will beat your Maggies hands down due to the time delay that helps them have more depth and honesty, in my opinion. As for equipment, I use all tube gear to run them and I suggest the same, but that is really personal choice. Every wire and cable will change the sound ... often a lot. Shunyata power cords on your equipment can also mean a lot. For whatever reason, Kimber Paladian power cords on the speakers do wonderfull things in terms of smoothness and liquidity. Finally, every poewr conditioner I tried changed the sound one way or another. I now use the Audience Adept Response, but they have to be tried to find what you like. I use all BAT equipment with mine, but that is my taste. Go here for a list of US dealers: http://www.iagamerica.com/quad/dealers.htm