Question about break-in method for interconnects

A dealer told me that an interconnect being broken in between a preamp and amp will only carry signal between the pre-amp and amp, and cycle the signal, if the amp is powered up and connected to speakers.

Others have told me that merely having the amp powered up is sufficient to have the signal cycle.

Still others have said that having the IC carrying signal to a turned-off amp is enough.

Perhaps it is component-dependent, but I would think that an interconnect running between a powered-up preamp and powered-up amp, whether the amp is connected to and driving speakers or not, is carrying signal and thus breaking in.

Which preamp / amp method described above works?

You're probably correct that "carrying a signal between the pre and amp" is probably enough. Though I always try to "break stuff in" using a full running system, myself. (source to speakers). Under ideal conditions I'd think you'd want to have the break-in period minic real world use as much as possible. Though I think we're quickly approaching the rule of diminsihing returns on this one!

Your assumption is probably sufficient. :-)
The amp provides a signal input termination whether it's powered on or not; that is all you need. Signal current flows thru the interconnect regardless of the amp being powered off or on. Never mind the speaker side termination which has nothing to do with the input & matters not in the least.
I think the above post is correct.
However I feel better putting a CD on repeat, with the preamp and amp on. I crank the preamp to a level slightly above normal listening levels and let it run all night long...

This is done with the positive speaker terminal disconnected.

Seems to work okay.
I recently bought some Cardas cables and the package information stated that the component at the terminal end of a cable that you are breaking in does not need to be turned on. You can burn in a digital cable for example with the transport running and the DAC turned off.
The literature with my Marigo digital cable says that all you need for burning in digital interconnect is a signal lock between transport and DAC, so the transport does not need to be actually running..
I will echo the above, I was told by Lou at LAT International that the source only needs be on, (ie. Tuner, CD player, etc.), the preamp does not.

Your example was for between an amp and pre, if possible, I would hook the cable between a source and your preamp for breakin.

Lou further told me that speaker cables need to be broke in at volume.
In Brian's above example, interconnects again will only pass signal current if a load termination is present at the end of that cable. If you are connected from an operating tuner to preamp, then the interconnect only has a termination if the preamp's 'tuner' input is selected. If any other source is selected then the cable has no termination, no signal current flows, no breakin is occuring.