Received my Schiit Modi 3 yesterday....

... I have a Mac C-41 pre a A21+ and AA 10T’s.  

I’ve always had a odd high end issue with this system I could’nt find. I even sent the tweet’s from the 10t’s back to Mr. Kelly. All turned out to be on point. 

  I signed up with Qobuz to stream but could only come out of the IMac’s headphone jack...

enter the 99$ Modi 3 yesterday... POOF, all the issues I had with this system are gone! Optical from cd and usb from iMac. 

This little 99$ gem is sweet and has really made me happy. I am saving for a “better” dac but I am skeptical to be honest. 

It is small and fits into my system without being seen... except for the LED in the front, wow it’s bright.

Bottom line is I am very happy with the Modi 3 and it was as inexpensive as I can find and is a quality piece...

Enjoy your day, I will be upstairs enjoying my “new” system!


Agree %100 about the Modi 3. Wonderful little DAC. 
Listening to it right now. I have a Peachtree Nova 150 and I am am using 
the Modi 3 instead of the internal DAC which is a Sabre 9018.
Call me crazy but I like the sound of this ultra cheap Dac better. 
Modi 3 is flat out awesome. I like it better than the Topping D10 at around the same price point.
Another happy Modi 3 owner here. I've tried numerous DACs in the past that were far more expensive but they didn't provide the sound I was looking for. The Modi 3, with it's AKM 4490 DAC chip and DC-coupled output, is an absolute bargain. There really does seem to be something special about AKM's "Velvet Sound" technology. 
Congrats on your new addition! One tweak maybe worth trying is using the spdif input on the Modi instead of optical if your CD player has that output. Spdif is generally preferred over optical (at least for shorter runs) as the added steps of converting to optical and back to analog are avoided. A cheap and riskless way to do this would be to order a 1.0m Wyde Eye digital cable from Amazon for $40 (an excellent cable for the $), and if it’s not a meaningful improvement just send it back. If you try this obviously the cable will require some break-in time, and definitely pay attention to the direction arrows as directionality matters (I inadvertently installed mine backwards once and it was awful). Anyway, in this insane audiophile world I thought bringing up a potentially beneficial $40 tweak at least worth considering. Congrats again on your newfound joy!
soix:  Thanks for the advice! I ordered a AudioQuest cable this morning... can't believe I didn't think about that. lol I had a optical cable sitting in plain sight :)

Does anyone happen to know why Schitt no longer offers the Modi multibit on their website?
Looks like it's still there. However, normally when this happens it is a sign that a new version is coming. (I think the next version will likely have a unison USB input but don't know for sure.)
How funny, it wasn't there last night or this morning first thing Eastern Time.
Ran across this Modi 3 review (revisited) that was quite interesting.

(164) Schiit Modi 3 Revisited (2 months later) - YouTube 

In the second part of the review, he talks about the sound quality improvement that resulted from placing small weights on top of the Modi 3 case. I didn't have those particular weights on hand so instead I placed a book on top of the case and was taken back by the sound improvements. In particular, the upper midrange and highs were cleaner and more focused.

It makes for a no-cost experiment and you might be surprised (and pleased) by the result. No reason to think it wouldn't work for other light-weight DACs as well.

I bought a Audioquest coax.... I have one but it isn't what I want to use with this system... :)
I have a Peachtree iDac coming now... I'll compare and put the Modi 3 on my computer system