Receiving my Townshend Audio Podiums Monday. How to?


This is for those using Townshend Audio Podiums.

I will be receiving a pair of podiums this coming Monday.  I’m very picky about  having my left and right speakers distance from the wall behind the speakers, and the wall to the side of the speakers equal for both speakers, having found that distances must be within 1/10 of an inch of each other for proper staging.   In other words the distances from the walls must be identical for both the left, and the right speakers in my room.

My question is once I place the podiums on the floor, and then place the speakers on the podium, how do you adjust speaker position while assuring that the speaker is positioned properly at the center of the podium?  Do you put gliders under the feet of the podiums, or something similar?  How did you do it?

In advance, thanks for sharing any suggestions you have.


You don't need anything under the Podiums to protect the floor.

The Podiums are adjustable by turning the knobs at the corners in order to level the speaker. You then adjust speakers as usual.


In my experience you really won't be able to move the Podiums once they are placed with a speaker on top of them.  Get your speakers in the position you want them including toe in.  What I did was to tape around the speakers a few inches outside the speakers to create a box that would represent where the Podium would reside in an absolute relationship to the speaker.  I then placed the Podiums in that taped position box.  I then placed self adhesive mini gliders (1 3/4 inch) on the bottom of the speakers and placed them on the Podiums.  That way small adjustments can be made with the speakers on the Podium easily to get them in the relative position.

I have 150 lb speakers on podiums on hardwood.  The podiums will slide on the floor and the speakers will move on the podiums.  Extremely compulsive people like yourself often create problems for themselves  i wish you the best in working through it.  --Jerry


Extremely compulsive people like yourself often create problems for themselves . . . --Jerry

Hey, Jerry. Did you insult the OP for asking for help? Totally uncalled for.

Apparently, you’ve never owned e-stats or other finicky speakers that require minute adjustments to optimize the sound stage.

Do you know what kind of flooring he has? The podium feet might scratch some hardwood or tile floors. Why even take a chance? Evenbilt furniture sliders come with socks to prevent potential damage. If the OP has thick pile carpeting, there’s no way that the podium feet will slide.

@steakster is correct in stating that if the Podiums are on carpet they will not move as mine are.  Even if they could be moved on a solid surface I would be concerned since they are on springs and a heavy speaker would wobble without assistance but apparently folks have moved them that way.

Thanks to you all for the suggestions.  

My main concern is once I have the speakers on the podiums, how to best make small adjustments to either toe-in, or location (I don’t think that makes me “extremely compulsive”).  I do plan on, as suggested, taping the floor, around the speakers, to mark the position of where to place the podiums.  Hopefully then, once I put the speakers on the podiums, they will be in the same position as they were prior to the podium installation.  
My floor is carpet, and what I am thinking is putting furniture gliders under the podium feet to facilitate moving the podiums once the speakers are on the podiums (carefully, with a friends assistance).  I’ll check out the Everbilt Furniture Sliders as suggested.

Again, thank you all for your guidance!

You should try and discern where the podium should be placed to have your speaker centered as well as possible and it being in the position that you have measured for the speaker.  Speaking from experience owning the podiums one your are close you can make small movements of the speakers (forward/back/side/toe in) and not be in the perfect alignment/center of the podium and just adjust the corner springs to be free moving and level.  They will function fine.  I did work hard to try and calculate the exact place for my podiums based on my speaker’s optimized position prior to placing them centered on the podiums.  You may be able to move a loaded podium on a tile or wood but not on my carpeted floor.

As I suggested if you place the speakers in the proper position and tape around them and then place the podiums, you won’t need to use gliders for the podiums. Even when you have gliders on the podiums the position will change when trying to get the gliders out from under the podiums. Just my experience but you may have better luck when you get them and note the challenges.