recommendation for best $1500 speakers?

I'm looking for recommendations for a pair of floorstanding speakers < $1,500 for both. They would be used for both home theater and analog/digital music. I have more entry level boston acoustic floor standing speakers now, which I like, but I think can be improved. Part of the challenge is the room is 16 feet tall, so they sound a bit thin. I'm using a Yamaha RXV-2500 receiver at 140wpc, which should be plenty of power. I heard some JBL's at a local tweeter store through the same amp, and they sounded much fuller than the BA's I have now (they were twice the size). Any thoughts are appreciated. thanks!
Revel Concerta F12s are the best speaker I've heard around your budget. You'd be hard pressed to beat them until you step up to something over 2k. You can get a pair of F12s for a little more than $1000, and they should definitely be high on your audition list.
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The Gallo Ref 3s are coming into that range, I just snagged a choice pair here for $1700. Give 'em 3-4 months and they should be in your price range. Pretty hard to top that speaker for less than $5k/pr.

If you also consider used speakers, you could get some very fine speakers at $1500 or less. Of course, the better the speakers you get, the more dis-satisfied with the Yamaha receiver you may become.....
suggest checking out PSB - have a pair of Image 6t's in my second system and they have good overall range and soundstage. Model isn't available , but there are others - try - authorized dealer and they have very good prices - new and sealed - have yet to see the supposed blemishes that allowed for the lower price -
[] best I have found at ( used price of around $1500 )[/url]
I would look in a few others before I went the JBL route. Try to find and audition PSB Image, Dynaudio Audience 72, Polk LSi-15. All can be had around your $ figure and are top notch performers. The Polk's do cause some problems with some receivers as they are 4 ohm speaker.
The absolute best $1500 speaker is a used $4000 speaker if you can find such a deal. I'm running Joseph Audio rm22si's that retail for $2600 - bought here for under $1000.

I was looking at Revel F12's and Triangle before I found a super deal on the Joseph's. All would probably be great choices for you.
sat-sub idea is good if you do not already own a sub. if you are into home theatre you should have one tho.... otherwise may i suggest the meadowlark kestrals. co. is defunct but i believe there is an old pair of brand new 'hot rod' kestrals for sale on a-gon or find the newer kestral 2's. retailed for @$2K new. i own a pair and they are as natural a speaker as you will find in midrange and have strong tight bass but in a big space you need sub for efx. great chance to get good deals on a gorgeous speaker. yes ... i own the kestral 2's i admit.
Quad 22L's, though I have yet to audition them, are worth a look from what people have to say about them. They seem to be going new for around $1600.