Journalism is dead. So dead the article itself contradicts the title. "Historic high"? Nope.  "This was the biggest week for vinyl sales since Nielsen Music/MRC Data began electronically tracking music sales in 1991." So biggest week since vinyl was written off for dead in the 90's. 

That's just stupid, lazy reporting. Far as I know vinyl sales growth has had the greatest growth rate of anything in the music business for going on like 30 years now. For almost all that time it was derided as, "Who cares?" Because it was so small relative to everything else. So it was ignored. Until now, vinyl sales have for the first time ever outpaced CD. That's the real story.  

I checked out vinyl on TikTok and almost every kid had a decent collection of records displayed proudly. And almost every kid had a Crosley suitcase player. It was quite depressing.
millercarbon- Its and easy bet that music streaming FAR outpaces albums sales, as of the middle of 2019 just Qobuz has over 200,000 members worldwide, over 25,000 in the U.S. alone! Considering I listen to at least one playlist a day on Qobuz, just think of how many parts of albums that’s equivalent to in one week! Who buys that many albums? Yes, CD’s have mostly gone by the wayside, to be replaced by a cost effective, and in many people’s opinion, the often better quality alternative of music streaming.

Yes, I understand that many people place a high value on actual physical recordings, and I certainly don’t begrudge them of that. There’s a value in that that’s undeniable. For me, and hundreds of thousands of others, across all the streaming services out there, the huge value in the available instantaneous variety is preferable. To each their own.

vinyl sales have for the first time ever outpaced CD. That’s the real story.

So wrong...the real story is that almost everyone streams their music these days. Record sales have outpaced CD sales for the last couple of years but that’s not the REAL story at all. People just aren’t buying physical music except niche groups who are into vinyl.

From this Feb 2020 article link above
Physical Sales Near Disappearance

The subscription-based streaming services and free streamers that rely on advertisements for revenue together contributed for about 79% of all music sales, the RIAA said in a report Wednesday.

Physical sales made up for 59% of all revenue in the music industry just a decade ago, the RIAA noted, while streaming services contributed 5%. In 2019, physical sales dropped to just 10%.

Vinyl sales may be growing at very high rate.

It is 100% growth rate when you go from 1 to 2.
Growth rate aside, there's an undeniable awareness of vinyl that slides into acceptance for many who were not really cognizant of vinyl five years ago. These same people also stream, if course, but they see vinyl as a fun, small complement to that streaming. 
Record Store Day is a joke and shouldn’t count, but sure makes up a portion of this “growth”. The majority of vinyl purchases are by people playing with a novelty. That article is trash.