Record Seam Splits

I received an Esther Abrami LP in the mail this morning from Germany. The record was in tight shrink wrap and even though I took great care in opening it, three sides of the inner sleeve were split from the combination of the sharp record edges of the vinyl and the tight outer wrap. It wouldn't have bothered me so much except that the sleeve had the artist's photo and is an integral part of the package. Oh well, at least the record is black and not one of those garish colored ones. I bought one last week that was fuchsia with an orange label.


Any record I buy and store gets MoFi master sleeve treatment soon after they go through my RCM. The paper sleeves are non-starter for me and they get tossed to a separate storage bin.

Good suggestions.  And you could always tape or glue the artwork to the replacement sleeve.  Happy listening!

I, of course did something similar to the suggestions. The point is I did not want to discard the inner sleeve and that today's manufacturing defects and lack of quality control are unacceptable. Although I always put my new records through a good cleaning, there is no excuse for a new record to have visible dust and debris on it either, especially at the price we pay for them.

I have yet to encounter a paper inner sleeve which can’t accommodate a MoFi insert.

@roxy54 ...sounds like an inside job to me...

"Platter paranoia: Cruel cuts that never heel, or just bleeding edge B.S.?" *LOL*

After a thorough cleaning if the record came in a plain paper sleeve the record goes into a MoFi inner sleeve and if the original sleeve is printed it goes into the outer sleeve  pocket with the record. If the outer sleeve is a gatefold sleeve the original inner sleeve goes in the middle of the foldout. Original white paper sleeves get tossed.

If a record comes in a poly lined paper sleeve I am ok with using most for the record.

+1 @roxy54 

I read this to find out what a record seam was. Thought I was missing something. 

+1 lalitk - I use the Acoustic Sounds sleeves, but yeah, no paper sleeves. EVERY record goes through my RCM, some multiple times if they are dirty used ones.