Records and CDs

I’ve just spent a couple of weeks exclusively going through my extensive record collection playing hardly any digital media and have come to some conclusions.
Records are fun and enjoyable to work with, but ultimately for a music lover they’re a dead end. Since very few new titles are being released on records these days I find myself going through mainly old familiar performances. Then there’s the age old problem of comparing the SQ of both media which is maddening. I just today went back to streaming (and CDs.). I clearly see, for me this is the way to continue my listening habits. Records can be used as a diversion but not the main event.


I enjoy the heck out of vinyl. However, I detest having to jump up every twenty minutes to change the record. My young audiophile dream was to, ASAP, transfer all new acquisitions to R-2-R tape for playback.

This is the only way to enjoy the new 45 RPM releases.

Truthfully, when I'm in my preferred listening mode, format doesn't really matter with my components.


All true.

Except.I’m currently listening to a huge Willie Dowling playlist.

This can only be accomplished by playing local files. Or buying all of his Bandcamp tracks.

Only a couple albums are on Qobuz.

Me too. 😊👍


I try to get up and play an album every week. But sometimes I don’t get too it… so I stream for the 20 hours I listen to music.