Replacement tonearm for VPI Classic 3 Signature

I am considering replacing the unipivot arm on my VPI Classic 3 Signature. Just want to get off this merry go round.  Please no 3D FatBoy suggestions.  Ready to look at aftermark solutions.
Kuzma 4Point11 is a forever arm - easy to set up and use, VTA on the fly its brilliant.
Kuzma 4Point9 is bang for the buck.

What cartridge are you using ??
Dover right now I have a Hana ML. I was thinking of getting a Groove Master II so I can mount a Koetsu RS. I love romantic cartridges to offset some of the slightly sterile nature of this table.
The Kuzma 4 Point 11 is a sold choice for the more compliant cartridges and seems to be a no brainer.
The 4Point11 has an effective mass 18gm which would be great for the Koetsu. If you can afford it this is superb - I have set one up with various cartridges  including Van Den Hul Calibre & Kuzma CAR50 - compared to Moerch DP8, Helius Omega on the same TT it was a class above.

The 4Point9 is 13g - still ok for the Koetsu - its medium mass.
I think both arms give you more flexibility than the Groovemaster.

I have a truckload of arms, and you cant beat super high quality bearings and quality of design, ease of set up which gives you better results, rather than just focus on mass.

If you want a very high mass arm I'd find a mint Fidelity Research FR64S, silver wired, with B60 base if possible, over the Groovemaster. There are some polarising opinions on the FR on these forums, but they are very synergistic with Koetsu's and low compliance cartridges.

The 4Point is twice the price of the GM2. You can fit the Easy VTA to the GM.
noromance the 4Point11 is almost 5X the GM II, but I am sure it is a game ender, at least for me.

The importer/distributor of the GM is nearby here in North Texas and I am sure that if it really doesn’t pan out I won’t lose a lot if I later decide to go ahead and reach up for the 4Point11.

 The FR64S is a definite possibility as I once owned one back in the late 70’s thru early 80’s on my first LP12. Biggest mistake of my life was letting it go, but I was young and chasing nirvana.
@ mckinneymke,

Item to note, the VPI tonearm is a flush-plinth mount with tonearm cable connection above the plinth.

Many tonearms such as the Groovemaster GrooveMaster II Tonearm – Mockingbird Distribution LLC are thru-plinth mount, with tonearm cable existing the bottom of the plinth and will require more plinth modification to install.

Some tonearms such as the Kuzma 4Point 4Point - Kuzma Professional Turntables, Tonearms and Accessories are only partial into the plinth with the tonearm cable connection above the plinth.

If you are aware of this, then disregard this post.
Never heard one but reading about it seems like a possibility. Pete Riggle Woody. I have your same tt.

My table is the Sig SE.

Look at my virtual system page.

How this tt is decoupled from it’s environment makes a huge difference. Plus, my MyMats made a huge difference.

The Classic platter is nice but the addition of MyMats made a huge positive impact, regarding overall musicality. With these kind of improvements, you may not feel a need for a different tonearm.

Forgot to add, my SoundSmith Sussurro MkII,. wow!
I have listened to a unipivot for many years, but recently got an arm with dual vertical pivots, the Origin Live Encounter. The most incisive, dynamic sounding arm I have ever heard. It plays bass like no unipivot can because the arm cannot swing laterally on its pivot. Plus, it's as ugly as the Kuzma but much cheaper.
All the money went into engineering.
+1 for money going towards engineering. Exact why I mentioned the Woody.
$1900 for so much thoughtful engineering out of musical materials, seems to be a steal. I think I'm talking myself into ordering one?