Replacing the speakers link with silver wire

Hi! Would it be a good idea to change the speakers link (bronze or whatever) for a piece of silver wire? If so, ¿would it be sufficient with a 18 ga piece of siver wire? Thanks in advance for your comments!
Is your speaker cable silver?  If it is not then there is no advantage using a silver bridge!
I think it’s a good idea, what could that tiny piece of wire cost?  Perhaps it will make listening better and you can find out first hand and report back (if you wish).
No. My speakers cables are not made of silver, but I was wondering if there is some advantage in using a piece of silver cable instead of the link, which is made of some cheap material such as bronze.
I agree with albert, but would not rewire the innards with silver...sounds like that would be the next place you would go.
I have some top quality silver (and Teflon) wire here I can send you in a first class letter provided you only need a short piece.  Then you have nothing invested and can experiment.

What could it hurt?
Thank you Alberporter, but no thank you! For I am living overseas. But as you said iit´s not big deal trying! Thanks.
It usually makes a significant improvement to replace the stock links provided with the majority of speakers with a better link. Many companies make replacement links ie Nordost in varying levels (cost). Another option if possible is to make a short set with the same cable that you are using as your speaker cable. There have also been some testing as to weather bi-wire is better than a single run + a link or jumper to the other set of speaker terminals. I have always run my system bi-wired and have recently switched to a single run with a jumper made from the same wire (Nordost Valhalla) and have noticed an improved sound. I believe much of this assessment or study has been done by Nordost. Main message is to replace the stock jumpers-you will appreciate the benefit (if you have a good store close maybe they will lend you a sample or two)
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@bpoletti That is NOT my experience. But, then I don’t know what wire/cables you used with which gear. I have experience with Homegrown Audio’s silver in Litz configuration on Parasound, Rogue and Ayon driving various speakers including Avalon: These silver cables do NOT sound anything like your "Bright, distorted and shrill high frequency". Once again, I guess YMMV. I’m not arguing with your assessment, I am just stating my experience does not agree.

I am very curious to try Tempo silver cables from (and I absolutely lust after his phono stage at )

One of the real benefits of using silver is that when it oxidizes, it still sounds the same — unlike copper. Also, keep in mind that you do NOT want to willy nilly mix metals in the signal path, for instance a silver cable connected to copper binding posts is not optimal if you believe the studies published over several decades.