Revisiting PPT Perfect Path Technologies Graphene Contact Enhancer

PPT was a popular discussion awhile ago. I got a sample of PPT, but it came without instructions, and so it sat. My recollection was it took a good while to settle in, and I had an audio guest coming to visit, so I held off applying it. Well after several attempts to visit (over a year), due to various hospital visits, he still hasn’t made it. In the meantime I did a couple things that were audible; the second to the last one- free.

One was replacing old single spring isolation devices under everything with Nobsound springs, then playing around with different amounts of springs in each "puck" (if interested there’s a great forum discussion). My Marantz HD CD-1 (built like a tank with very high quality guts) developed laser mechanism issues. It needed a new drive mechanism, no longer carried by Marantz. I located one, but $150 + shipping from Asia did not make sense to me. I decided to forgo hedging my bets using a player as a transport. Research and budget led me to Audiolab CDT6000, which is sonically miles ahead of the HD CD-1. It’s been in my system for several months now, bringing new life to all types of music I am very familiar with.

I also have an Oppo 105 that I bought new, specifically to play SACD/DVD-As. Eventually I upgraded OEM power supply, Furutec IEC, silver wiring to the PS board, and a 110/220 bypass jumper. I would go on hi-rez binges. However, post CDT 6000, which is so good, I decided to compare MoFi SACDs on the 105 to the identical discs red book layer: the 6000 bettered it, by a lot! Though I stopped binging, I neglected to disconnect the 105 from my preamp (Audio Alchemy DDP-1 + PS 5). Earlier this week it occurred to me that it could be interfering sonically, so I disconnected it. It was like removing a layer of static electricity from the music; everything was more focused and better separated, no doubt due to blacker backgrounds.

Earlier this week a fellow ’file sent me a copy of the PPT instructions, so yesterday I decided to dip my toe in, and first apply it to just the coax cable between the CDT and dac/pre. First I played Elvis P CD That’s the Way It Is dinner show disc, which I bought last week, but was less then happy with the sonics (had to set volume low at 36), as well as not knowing "dinner show" was just a rehearsal for the actual show, lots of chitchat, none of the songs were played completely 😨. I then applied PPT to just the coax I/O shafts (neglected to also treat the female RCAs). Not expecting much until it settled in I hit play...

OMG, Elvis and band and audience came to life. * I cranked the volume to 39, it still sounded great* I then played Sinatra The Capitol Years. Ditto! A followed this with a female trio; The Dixie Chicks DCX. Clearly way better then it ever sounded, but if you’re familiar with it, it can be quite strident in places, but Natalie’s voice was amazing.

Next up is to treat the coax out/in RCAs, and the WireWorld Series 7 XLRs. So signing off

Suggestions are welcome





No mystery here if you like the effect on the coax cables put it on the pins of power cables and speaker cable terminations. I've done that with what I use, Furutech Nano

Contact enhancers can be effective. The issue for me was the effects wear off after awhile. At that point the question becomes reapply, which means continual outlay of cash and cleaning the old enhancer off or just forget about it. I chose forget about it, the improvement wasn't worth the cost in the long run.

will be curious how you think the Nano compares to the PPT...,I like all the PPT stuff I am using...

@tweak1 - Your mileage may vary with the Furutech, I am satisfied with it so I have not tried anything else. There have been comments by other members in other similar threads who felt NPS QT45 was more effective so that may be another option to consider. Likewise , there is an Audiogon thread under Misc - "Mitigating the Bubble" where some members have sampled a new product Nano-flo that they feel is better than PPT.  If you read that thread you can choose for yourself if you would deal with the proprietor , but folks seem to like his contact enhancer. Net net, just wanted to give you some other options, and where I stand with having only used Furutech

While PPTing my XLRs, I decided to coat the female RCAs on the I/Os, which meant removing yesterdays treated rcas. To my surprise most, if not all, the graphene had been pushed back from where the barrels made contact!!! I reapplied PPT to the RCA barrels, but after watching the Nano YTVideo which appears to fill in any micro gaps, that’s the direction I’ll be going in.

Thanks facten!

sns: watch the Nano video. It appears to penetrate into the applied surfaces; doesn’t seem like it will wear off