Ric Ocasek found dead.

I’m not liking all these Memorial listening sessions.
RIP Ric.
Another sad but inevitable story.
None of our "heroes" are getting any younger unfortunately.
RIP Ric!
there's gonna be a lot of "checkouts" in the next ten years including many of  us
Just put on the first lp wow what a big sound they were lucky to have Roy Thomas Baker produce and really display their talent and great songwriting.
A great group first lp.

Agreed, awesome debut lp!  But they were so dull to see live.  Ric made an indelible mark on pop culture that I grew up in for sure.  From the creative and stylish MTV videos to the epic "Moving in Stereo" track playing behind the infamous scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High ;-)
Great to see live. Grew up in Boston, saw them before and after fame in small clubs.
when I lived in Somerville, Ma. (near Boston) I rented an apartment from Ocasek's aunt that he and his band had just vacated....got his mail for months thereafter

We lost another good musician. It’s becoming all to frequent now. Rest easy Ric.
Great music. Full of energy. Just what the 80's needed. I still listen to them probably once a week or so. 
I attended their concerte in Madison Square Garden - a great event! Still remember it to this day! Ric Ocasek was so skinny, his spandex pants were baggy!
We lost a very talented musician - RIP RO.
I grew up in Boston in the '70's and hung out with Ric and drummer David Robinson at the record company table at the Paradise on occasion in '78-80, when we would go to see up and coming acts, like the Police, the Pretenders, the B-52's, etc. We had dinner a few times at this Japanese restaurant in Back Bay, too. He was a truly nice guy, even after their debut album was big on the charts.  Another talent lost too young.

RIP Ric.
Normally I wouldn't have been interested in their style of music. But after listening more carefully I realized just how together they were as a group.
Their sense of rhythm and blending each part to complement every other part was really excellent. I ended up buying most of their records (vinyl was still the way to get the music onto your stereo) and really digging every note. I take it Ric wrote (most of) the music.
I've been listening to the Qobuz Cars playlist for the last 2 or 3 days.  So many great songs! And a few not so great ones - see Shake It Up and Door to Door.
Only tangentially related, before joining The Cars, drummer David Robinson was in an early-incarnation of The Modern Lovers, Jonathan Richman's wonderful backing band.
"All Mixed Up" from the debut album. 
I was 17 or 18 when this album dropped.
What a great Album!!!😎
I remember seeing the Cars open for Bob Seger. It was the Stranger In Town tour Sept 17 1978. 
The Cars were great, we didnt know who they were, but the following summer, they took off huge, all over the radio.....Let’sGo

RIP Rick