Right angle XLR adapter

I just purchased a new amplifier that is longer than my previous amplifier and now extends beyond the shelf in my hifi cabinet very close to the back wall. When I include the additional space necessary for the two XLR interconnects the space is very cramped. Is there a manufacturer that makes a quality right angle XLR adaptor where I can connect my XLR cables and gain an additional one to one and a half inches of space? I am using Nordost cables and want a quality adaptor that will not detract from the sound quality.

Thank you.


I know people are much more into aesthetics than I am, I'm a form follows function guy.  My rack is wide open both for cooling and flexibility.  I designed it myself and had it fabbed in a weld shop.  It doesn't look nearly as bad as most are imaging now.  Painted black, it mostly disappears.

So my first suggestion is bet a bigger rack.

But I realize i'm the one here that is not normal and so you'll probalby keep the rack.  Gooogle quickly finds lots of options.  But most are cheap and certainly not the high end audiophile quality connectors that many of us use here.  The best quality available, that I could find, which isn't bad, is Neutrik.  

I would not use an adapter but would instead replace the connector with a right angle connector from neutrik.

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I will check the Neutrik website to see if they have a right angle XLR adapter.

Thank you very much for the response.

If you really can't move your shelf, contact Nordost and see if they'll make custom, or adapt your existing.  Pay careful attention to the direction of your plug, and where the center pin points to, and make sure you have clearance in the direction you need the adapter / plug to turn. 

If all else fails, there’s a bunch of XLR right angles and short cords on Amazon.

All the best.

There are 90 degree xlr adapters.  This one is Adjustable. 

Search eBay item number:  373980982037

Usually, the #3 pin is located on the bottom of the receptacle in the unit.  Also, the #3 pin is in the direction of the 90 degree bend.  Which may not be the direction you want the cable to go.


Is the problem rack that has wall or standing too close to the wall?

Rack can be moved, but if there's a rack with back wall, you don't really need back wall and can either safely remove it or drill hole to accommodate "tails".

Thanks again everybody for your input.

As I cannot move my cabinet out any further I will check out these recommended adapters.

Enjoy your music.

these rotate 360 degrees,




you could buy a standard XLR cable and have someone local change the ends, or perhaps order cables from Pine Tree Cables with these connectors