Romantic HiFi Getaway Weekend?!?

Can anyone please recommend any interesting high end dealers located in or around nice places? My wife and I have struck an interesting deal where I can spend a weekend shopping for a new component or speakers as long as the dealer is located in or within reasonable driving distance from a peaceful and picturesque location. Any feedback on the types of lines carried by the dealers would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
I think Wilson audio is somewhere in Utah. Dunlavy and Genesis are in Colorado. If you like the outdoors, these should fit the bill (I'm sure there are local dealers to these manufactures).
There are several hi-end dealers in the SF Bay area. Hard to beat the Bay Area for a romantic get away.
Steve, aren't you the sly one? I would never though about making a vacation out of a trip down to a hifi dealers. Here's a toast to you for giving me this great idea. Back to your question, Plsl is absolutely right. SF bay area has everything need for a great weekend get away and some of the countries finiest dealers. If you're out of state, maybe the dealers won't charge you tax. Let me know if you need some info on where to go, whether it's dealers or visting sites. Btw, the weather has been really nice here too. Cheers.
If you visit the Bay Area you might want to negotate a week here, as there indeed are several (20?) dealers within a 50 mile radius.
Steve... you da man! Disguising an audio shopping spree as a romantic getaway is brilliant. Many a yobbo on this site are envious.
The Festival Du Son in Montreal in March.1.00$ US buys you 1.50 Canadain its a great show with lots of good HI End goodies.
Well, Steve, I don't know how *romantic* you can make it sound, but CES in Vegas next week will certainly provide you with the most shopping opportunities.
There is a Sound Labs dealer that owns a bed and breakfast in New Orleans offering a FREE WEEKEND if you audition the speakers. I believe he is located in the French Quarter, plus there are plenty of interesting, scenic and/or historic sites nearby or within easy daytrip. Plenty of fine dining, music, antique shops etc. in French Quarter to amuse the missus. This dealer has a classified ad in Stereophile. In better weather, Smoky Mountains/Blue Ridge is within easy drive of Knoxville, Ashville, or Atlanta, depending on which side of divide you park. There is also a high end dealer in Charleston SC who was very friendly when we dropped in 2 years ago, can't remember name, but Charleston and environs was wonderful. Have fun wherever you go.
If you choose the San Francisco area, I think you and your wife would be amazed at the wine country, north of SF. I just completed a photo assignment there, and although San Francisco is a world class city, it is BIG and VERY busy. Wine country is like a trip to paradise. Beautiful countryside, winding roads, leading to some of the best wine makers, (who offer free tastings). Very romantic, and a short drive back to SF to listen to some music, in a relaxed mood.
Some SWMBO point-making activities in Bay Area:
1) Buy her a couple hours at one of the spas there - that way you can go out looking at stereos.
2) Go to the wine country as suggested above. Northern coastline is nice too.
3) A really nice breakfast is Sunday Brunch at the Top Of the Mark - the view in amazing.
4) For great Italian food, go to Francesco's in Little Italy. Francesco sings for his customers!
5) A nice though slightly grungy, laid back, late night jazz cafe is the Ace Cafe in Soma (south of market).
6) A great blues bar (a little grungy) is the Blue Room on Geary.

It's been 6 years since I lived in SF, so some of these places might have changed.