Rooftop solar panels impact on audio SQ

I am getting a new roof on my sunny California home and am considering adding solar panels with the new roof.  I recall that maybe Stereophile did a piece associated with such installation and its effects on the resulting SQ of the reviewer's system.  I welcome any information from my erudite friends on this forum as to issues that I need to be concerned about with adding solar panes wrt to  the resulting impact on my power supply and the SQ of my system.  I do have an AQ  Niagra 1200 device into which all my gear is connected.  



Zero impact that I can tell. Our solar inverter is hooked to a 30 amp circuit in our breaker box. I’m pretty sure the inverter gives very stable power when there is sun. When there isn’t it powers down. Had it for 15 years and have done comparisons. YMMV, can’t speak to other interconnection arrangements. 

Thanks very much for your response, it is helpful to get audiophile's take on this.  The efficiency of the new panels even compared to a few years ago is really amazing.   I'd guess that an appropriate set of panels will cost me around $10K, more or less, and with my average monthly electricity bill of $100, the install might not pencil out, but I am I am a green-leaning guy so I still might do it.

Perhaps my concern about the integration of  solar panels is a  non-issue, which is your experience bears out and I hope other chime in with their take. Thanks again for your response.  Whitestix

Thanks Roxy for your take. Delm, thanks for your links but adding Tesla batteries is      out of my realm.  That is whole different kettle of fish that I will not pursue.