I have a brother-in-law, retired Navy, who is interested in a nostalgia system.  When he served in in Pacific in the 80's they could get great deals on Sansui equipment and is of the opinion that Sansui was top of the line.  He asked me what I would get but I'm clueless about 80's receivers.  I doubt that he wants separates.  I'd greatly appreciate hearing your opinions.  My brother-in-law is partial to Sansui, but should I suggest something else?  He's got good ears even though he's not an audiophile.  Thanks.

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I bought a Sansui  G-5700 (I think) for my kids. I was very impressed with the sound. Sansui of that era was very good, and to this day bring a very high price. In mainstream low end electronics, I think Sansui was very tough to beat. I would stay from anything that wasn't fully serviced including a recap. Receivers were quite good, but an integrated might bring a higher level of sound quality.

Highly recommend an AU-717 integrated. I have one bought new in 1980 and recently had it restored. A stunning piece that rivals many modern integrateds…and a classic well respected by many. Although not in use currently, having owned it for 40+ years, will never part with it. But they’re out there and not terribly expensive. 

My very first receiver was Sansui back in the late 60's. I had that thing for 20 years I would guess. No clue which model but it was a great receiver. 

I sold all these in the golden age from ‘73 to the coming of digital tuning. In receivers, the Eight Deluxe was the cream of the crop. In integrated amps, the AU999 and AU9500 were great. Models below were excellent too. I got my brother a 5050 he used for decades, replacing a stack of Dyna tube gear. The 7070 was the more powerful version. The higher models 8080 and 9090 were sold with Dolby NR onboard, a kind of vestigial organ.  Match any of these with KLH 5 reissues or JBL L100 reissues and your brother will be happy indeed. 

I purchased two Sansui AU-20000 integrated amps to  play 4 channel.  Also bought the matching TU-9900 tuner.  They were all special order units back then (1976 Japan).  

Give your brother as wide a choice of Sansui components as possible and let him choose.  By the way, large Advent speakers matched very well with this gear.