Are You a Sansui Lover?

I can say yes, I am a sansui Lover. If it were not for my sansui AU-717 and Tu-717 bought in a tag sale for $200 some 10 years ago, I would not be an audiophile today. Ever since then, I have collected many of the sansui pieces except for the C2302 preamp and B2302 power amp which are rare to find.
To all other sansui Lovers out there, Tell us about your sansui systems, present and past.
Thank you.
I was an original Sansui lover, owning SP-7500X speakers when I was stationed in Korea (77-78), eventually moving to the AU-717 integrated. I now have a very used pair (physically) of SP-5500X's in my spare system. They still sound decent.
My roomate had the AU-717 and TU-717 amp and tuner about 32 years ago. I still remember how good it sounded and the feel of the volume control with its soft detents. It was cooler than the Kenwood integrateds I had. Sometimes the AU-717 would shut down for a litle while if we played "Goodbye Stranger" by Supertramp too loud after geting it warmed up with other stuff first. Those were the days.
The first good sound I heard was 1979, the Sansui 9090DB into some large Altec Lansing speakers (Chris C., Brooklyn, NY -RIP). Only played metal, and, boy, were they loud. Remebering back, they had no depth of soundstage. But, Saturday night at Chris' was the place to be. When I first walked into that room, I knew what I wanted when I grew up.
I have the AU D-11 which has been re-capped and upgraded as the center of my 2-channel vinyl system. The phono stage is terrific and I can't see swapping it out for today's HI-FI sound. I'm a vintage guy with vintage tastes.
Sansui, wow used to be the must have system in college. It was either Sansui or Akai. I bet ya, some of their systems from back in the day still sound great today. I had a Sansui cassett player that player METAL tapes, I was king of the block.
I use a tu417 tuner in my rig and it has cd like sound quality.

I also have the au517 integrated amp, but while it works perfectly, the sound quality is not good compared to my modded dynaco st70 or my bryston 3b st.

Maybe I should sell the au517..... I have too much gear anyways !
My few Sansui experiences were both good and disappointing.

In the late 70s I had a personal economic situation that forced a downsizing of my audio system -- but I refused to give up music. So I bought an AU-717 from a discount house (based largely on rave British reviews), a used pair of Maggie MG-1s, and a Rotel 3000 turntable/arm with a Shure V-15 cart. This was mostly blind luck but that system had true synergy and was one of the most musically satisfying that I've owned.

Later I had a classic TU-9900 tuner for awhile but it never seemed to perform up to expectations. Perhaps it needed an alignment tweak?

Due to an equipment trade, I also had a 9090DB receiver for a short time but I found it to sound only average, in spite of favorable reviews.

My only other experience with Sansui was finding a model two-hundred something turntable for friends in their budget system. That too had strong British reviews and I thought it performed above its modest price.
Absolutely, cool looking & well built with surprisingly good sonics for its age. Sansui gear had substance back in the 70s and you felt like you really had something special. Even when compared to modern gear it holds its own. But on the other hand I'm sure that Sansui had conceived a few pieces that were not up to par.
1968,SP 200 speakers and a receiver 1000A?Pioneer TT,first stereo,just back from Nam,livin was easy.Thanks,Bob
In case you werent aware of it, my friend hosts the site and we have a message board there as well. Some of you may already know me as a Sansui enthusiast. I used to moderate the 'Exclusively Sansui' forum at Audio Karma. I have many Sansui amps in my collection, my favorites being the BA-5000, BA-F1, AU-919, 717, AU-D11, G series receivers: G-9000, G-7500, and 9090DB. I also have a B-2301 and matching C-2301 preamp. Speakers are Infinity Renaissance 90 which are truly awesome.
Interesting thread. Someone is selling a pair of Sansui SP-200 speakers on my local craigslist. I am thinking of buying them to use in my basement as "B" speakers.

Any opinions?

are we all not lovers of music first ?Will the sansui rise to the LOVE THEM,KEEP THEM, stage? only your ears will let you know. my kg4s ,$150 C/L. sold all others. that WAS the era of great sound first,before the hype? great music doesnt have to break the bank Good luck
Had a Receiver and speakers back in the late '70s. Don't remember the Model numbers. Enjoyed them at the time, nothing was wrong with them, but the replacement bug got me and out they went. How much equipment is replaced and there is nothing wrong with it? Where did it all go?
When a friend told me of sansui I laughed at him saying sansui ? when I finally got the G8000 I could not belive how very good thay sound, Now I have the G9000 and the G8000, and also have the G7000. They are wel made and still in very good shape and sould after all these years.
You can not go wrong with sansui.
I bought a Sansui 771 receiver back in 1975 when I was in college. I still remember it as some of the best sound I ever heard.
I used to sell the vintage Sansui gear.

The 9090db receiver was the one Sansui piece I would have liked to own, but it was too big and expensive for me back in college. They flew out of Tech Hifi back then when available.

The Sansui gear went downhill after that. Not as well built and lots of reliability issues.
I have a Sansui G-9000 that I had re-capped and aligned that sounds incredable in my second system. My high end stuff comes and goes but I just couldn't part with this old piece.
One of my systems at one time, back in the late 70's early 80's, was an AU 719, TU 717, Technics TT, Boston A60's, a/d/s pb1500. It was great. That was my first experience with a sub/satellite configuration and I liked it.

System had great sound. Wish I still owned those pieces.

Sonically can someone compare the AU-x1x series (example being the 717) to the later Au-D11?
Love Sansui.  My 9090db seems to do everything just right.  I love it. I have several vintage Sansui’s and they all have some special about them.  My old Marantz pieces run a close second.  Not as sweet, but really very good.