Saved Music Pulled from streaming services!

Aaron Parks "Little Big"
Pulled from Tidal's Library!

Does this happen with all streaming services???
Patto - S/T was pulled from Spotify after it showed up in my Discover Weekly playlist and I saved it to one of my personal playlists.

Not sure how common this is, or why it was pulled.
It seems as if sometimes they re-create albums, and this causes them to get deleted, even though they are still in Tidal.  It's a little maddening.

I suspect they do some sort of broad update to the album metadata and rather than just update what they had, they just create new.
It's happened to me too.  Maybe the record label cancelled a contract or who knows?

It is the danger of streaming that the physical format folks always warn us about... What are you going to do when one day you no longer have access to all your music???  It's something to think about.

I believe licensing agreements can expire...just like movies you may find on Netflix for instance.  I've seen this happen numerous times on both Tidal and Qobuz.
So I bought the download of the Aaron Parks Cd.
It sounds a bit better than the streaming anyway,
Ironically it is back up on Tidal today - who knows?

I still really enjoy streaming and only buy the real keepers that I like.
I enjoy bouncing around listening to new music without buying all I hear. 
Sometimes after a half dozen or so listens I am ready to move on anyway. 

@dougsat  - Thanks for this post. I streamed the Aaron Park album - "Little Big" to check it out and I really like it. The LP is now on my Amazon wishlist.
I finally bought the 2XLP vinyl. I like it musically. However, I think they mixed it with an over emphasis on the low end. Both the bass guitar and the bass drum are a bit too pronounced IMHO. It seems worse on the early tracks. But that might just be me getting accustom to the sound as I go through the 4 sides of the LP.

Overall, good album. But I don't love the mix.