Seeking recommendations about material, design, makers of low-lying rack for gear

I'm looking to set up a new room with

  • tube monoblocks (2)
  • preamp
  • streamer
  • DAC
  • CD transport.

I've wired the room so that the mono blocks can each sit on a stand behind each speaker.


(1) I've been reading about good materials for the mono stands — maple? Other ideas? I would probably like to have them made locally if possible but would consider buying them from a company. Just don't want to pay an arm and leg. Ideas?

(2) I'd like to have a very low-to-the-floor rack in between the monos. Someday, I'll get the gear off to the side, but at the moment, the gear will be in between. Any suggestions regarding the design of this rack — materials? Purveyors?

Thank you.
@miller Fantastic response. So helpful. Might just start with pods under amps. 
One question. 
But now I notice you also mentioned a low rack for components between the amps. This sounds a lot like what I have. The lower you keep things the better in terms of reflections. Also it is good to break things up by having them staggered in terms of distance. A wide flat rack is not so good in this regard. I actually played around with stuff like this a long time ago. Even fairly small stuff if it is flat it reflects enough to hear. Not big time, not very much at all in fact, but enough you can hear it. 

Are you saying that one long low rack is not a good way to go? I definitely am going front and center, but are you saying do two low racks?

Make it simple
just go to :

pick out the pieces you need and seek out used if possible. This will be the best bang for the buck and this is all Solidsteel makes.
Good luck Willy-T
You can’t go wrong with this, Ink and Ivy sideboard...

Yes, it is unconventional, however, it works very well for audio equipment. It is very deep, 18 inches, it has a sturdy open lower shelf for amps, two smooth sliding doors for sources (two shelves) and a thick top for a turntable. It is built like a tank. I love mine, plus the price was a lot cheaper than some other dedicated audio furniture options. You can also store lp’s very easily in this if so desired. It is on average $500, however, it is currently sold out every where. 
I've always been a fan aesthetically of Maple Shade. Check their stuff out if you haven't.