Shahinian Obelisk Passive Radiator Replacement

I just bought a pair of good condition Shahinian Obelisk speakers at a garage sale for $5 :-). Unfortunately, both 10" passive radiators had been completely removed and are gone. Shahinian Acoustics wants $275 for a replacement pair. Parts Express has replacements for $60 ( There are also used pulls from good speakers on ebay for $25+ dollars.

My question is are passive radiators that sonically critical and precisely matched that I have to buy the $275 pair from Shahinian or could I get by with one of my other choices without muddling up the speakers? And if so which ones? Or are there other choices or vendors I should consider for the replacement? Thanks for the advice!!
Madison Speaker Works/Madisound.Parts-express usually offers good advice.Give it a try.
Do you mean they have a forum I should address my question to or I should look at their replacement parts?
Zymaze, these passives went through a number of design changes. If the passives are missing I'm going to guess they were the older white ones with foam-like surrounds; these will have deteriorated over time. The current ones are black with hybrid rubber surrounds. I'd be really surprised if you could get these as "pulls", as Shahinian uses screws and a resin type bonding compound to affix them to the cabinet. I can't see how a pull could be made without ripping it apart around the surround.

Having said that, if you can find legitimate pulls in good condition then go for it - but I think that's unlikely. The passives Shahinian uses come from somewhere in Europe, and they are expensive to begin with, but with the weakened dollar more so still. I know it's not cheap, but unless you are confident in finding a set of replacements you might be better off just having to get them directly from Shahinian. There's a good chance going another way you could wind up with something that will change the transmission line loading.

The Obelisks are too good to do something like that to! :-)
You got a GREAT pair of speakers for $5, why not spend the $275 and have an excellent pair that, if you so wished, you could sell and easily make your money back. If it were me, I'd repair them with original parts and wouldn't part with them.
Good luck!
Mr Z: The size and weight of a passive radiator is determined through a formula based on the Theil/Small parameters of the woofer and the volume of the enclosure. There are other factors involved, but basically the radiator takes the place of the mass of air in the tuned port of a vented box. It's clitical to get the correct ones for the design, IF you want the designer's intended bass response.
I would go with the real thing. You should check the woofers for foam rot also.
I heard a pair of Shahinian Hawks tonight and was extremely impressed. If the Obelisks sound anything like the Hawks, they're keepers. I agree with others... get the OEM drivers. $275 is a fraction of what these speakers go for used.
YOu have to be kidding. You get a pair of Obelisks for $5 on ebay and then complain about spending another #275 for the correct replacements. If it really a problem. I'll take them off your hands for $50. A great profit for you, then I can complain about the cost of the replacements.
Give Richard and Vasken Shahinian kudos for their design and buy the right parts. While you are at, it also get new upper grills/crowns before they stop making replacements. Their email is:
Thanks for your many responses. I understand and appreciate the purest perspective. I really have no idea what the speaker are worth so my query arose from a practical perspective aimed at bring the speakers up to snuff at minimal cost.

Please excuse my ignorance but there is very little information available on this company or its speakers. I would not ask for your valuable time if there were numerous of reviews and test results I could study. Most reviews are from the last few years and address the current models which have evolved much since my speakers were made.

I was not sure(and I am still not sure) if the PR was just a plastic cap or a drone speaker with a cap. I did not see any screw holes in the opening and I thought it might just be a cap that was glued in place.

Are there PR's that are just caps? On eBay I saw this:
Is that a PR that is simply a cap?

I have read that newer Obelisk's have weighted done speakers but I was not sure that was the case with much earlier versions.

I can understand special imported weighted PR's with installation kit costing $275. But, I have trouble imagining plastic caps jutifying that price. Especially if they sell on eBay for $35. I have emailed Shahinian Acoustics but I wanted this group's opinions first since my experience has been that if you ask a company if you should use their products they will invariably say yes.

And if you read my post I never complained, I am just trying to make an informed decision.

Lastly, does anybody know how the grill cover and pyramid on these speakers are best removed for inspection of the drivers?

Thanks again.
The one's on eBay are for rebuilding only. You must have the PRs to rebuild which you don't.
FWIW, I've heard that Obelisk's in good condition sell for between $1000-1500. Yes, you got the screaming deal of the century. Using OEM parts for repair will retain resale value.
As others have stated or implied, you got one heck of a deal on this speaker. If I were you, I would get a quote from Richard and Vasken Shahinian to bring your speakers up to date all around. Yes, it may be several hundreds of dollars with shipping but at the end of the day, you will have something worth much more. I mean this in instant gratification of a sound signature as well as investment for a future re-sale. Food for will find others who would be willing to purchase them as is if you are resonable and realistic in your asking price.
Apparently you didn't read my previous post. That junk on eBay(it IS a PR, not just parts or a "cap") WILL NOT perform properly with your system(or anyone else's, unless they just get REALLY lucky). Bite the bullet and buy the passive radiator that was designed for your system!
Zymaze, now that you've gotten a number of responses I will be more direct - everyone here is exactly on target. If the woofer and top drivers are in good shape (even if the woofers need replacing!) you've gotten maybe the deal of the century. Don't email, don't mail - CALL Shahinian Acoustics early to mid-afternoon tomorrow (that's when Dick and Vasken are usually in the shop together) and either get new passives or send the speakers back for total reconditioning. The cost will be significantly less than a pair of mint used Obelisks and you will have one of the most unique and killer speakers ever designed.
As an owner of Shahanian Obelisks for 20+ years, I can only add my voice to what Tonyptony and others have so eloquently said. These are killer speakers. Please, please contact Shahanian and invest the necessary money to bring these incredible speakers up to spec. You may well enjoy yours for 20+ years...that would amortize to less than $20 per year!