Shanling CD 3000 or Cary??

In the 1K range of CD players what would any of you recommend? Do any of you own the CD 3000? I'd really like to know how that player is/sounds from actual owners of it. I've also been looking at the Cary CD-1, which at times I've heard price is dropped to 1K. Please let me know any input on these or other recommendations in the price range. Thank you...Brian.
I own a Cary CDP-1 and enjoy it very much.It sounds very natural,no harsh glare at all.It's running thru a Rogue Audio TempestII tube integrated to Tyler Acoustics 7U speakers and they are a big part of the sound also.Shop around and you can find one for less than a grand.I've never heard the Shanling so I can't compare the two.
I forgot to mention that the CDP-1 has a really nice volume control and can be ran straight to a power amp if no other sources are needed.
Any input from anyone on the Shanling CD 3000 player? Love to know more about it's sound etc. Thanks...Brian.
I bought the Shanling from Walter Leiderman at Underwood hi fi. Greatest player I've owned cold out of the box!! Incredible layering/imaging and real life acoustic sweetness. This is a PHENOMENAL player, and glad I went this route! He also gave me an outstanding deal on it! High recommendation from yours truly!
I purchased one from Walter yesterday and it will arrive this week. I will update the group after burn in.
Trumpetbri, Shanling CD3000 tubes output thru balance XLR's
or just thru RCA's?
I also bought the CD3000 from Underwood. He offers mini mod, Mod 1 and Mod 2 levels.

I have the Mod 1 and it is remarkable Tremendous clarity and resolution and it is built like a tank. I also like the top loading aspect to this.