Shout out for DMB's Big Whiskey /GrooGrux

One of the best releases for 2009. On constant rotation at the moment. Tight "live" sound rarely captured in Dave's other recent work. Would have to go back to Crash for similar, muscular sound.
Excellent. I just ordered it. Crash is also my favorite of DMB but heavy handed
Steve Lillywhite did spoil it a tad with a little over compression. I have also been
disappointed by the quality of DMB's live stuff. My only worry is compression -
Green Day producer Rob Cavallo is known for a heavy hand on the
compressor/limiters so that might explain the raw punchy sound.

Anyway I can still enjoy it in the car if it is over compressed.
I've been a fan for years, these guys are true musicians. While I expect DMB fans to rally behind this release, I'm glad to see the critical acclaim (Billboard and Rolling Stone) as well. I'm quite pleased with the sound quality on this recording as well as several of their last releases.
Busted Stuff has the best sound IMO but I love the groove on this album--really mixes it up.
I had heard that Carter was playing with a Ludwig Black Beauty snare lately, but who knows if that is what is on that track. It does sound like a metal shelled snare. I also heard that Yamaha was working on a Carter Beauford Signature snare, but that it wasn't done yet. I am a huge Carter fan. I prefer his snare sound from the UTTAD and Crash which was an Ocheltree carbon fiber steel snare. IMO, that snare sound is the one drummers identified him with and had to know what it was. Ants Marching- need I say more?
Sorry to derail this thread with drum talk!

Thanks - that would be this beauty. Anyway it sounds awesome and really funky. I recommend this album even for causal fans of DMB ( I got it yesterday and it is in heavy rotation )
Did anyone else have this problem? The cd imported into my Mac Mini flawlessly. But my Macbook wouldn't read it. I then put in another cd that I bought at the same time and it worked fine. Tried Big Whiskey again and it wouldn't read it. When I physically compared the two discs, Big Whiskey is ever so slightly thicker. Kind of weird.

Great music though.