Shunyata PC Shootout

Have some power cables in for testing from the Cable Company:

Alpha XC and Delta XC feeding my PSA PowerPlant. I currently have a Shunyata Venom.

Long and short: both Alpha and Delta are substantially better than venom and have a massive impact on SQ. They increase sound stage by a lot, dynamics, and clarity.

It’s possible the Alpha is too much of a good thing, but I’m only on day two so my opinion may change. It feels the Alpha does the same changes as the Delta, just bigger in all ways. 

I would also say the Delta is, say, a 30% improvement in SQ and the Alpha is 10% more improvement.

Regardless, both are a huge improvement in my system—dang, I’ll probably have to buy one.


Thanks for sharing.

I’m a little bit late in the game (for Shunyata it is) and now want to give them a try really bad.

I’m looking forward to experience the same.


Thank you for your post. I had gotten a couple of Shunyata Venom power cords a few years ago… just needing some and not having the time to do any research. I found them to be no better than stock cords. I was really disappointed. It is not like Shunyata isn’t a well respected brand.


Good to hear that higher level cords are significantly better. I know my AudioQuest Hurricane is simply stunning.


Your post got me thinking… reminding me that I had left a Cardas Clear Beyond on my preamp (for the last year), but I had a Transparent Ultra (current generation) in my pile of spare power cords. Typically Transparent sounds better on my equipment (under my UserID). So, I switched. More detailed, very quiet. I’ll have to give it a few days to verify, but both great power cords.

@ghdprentice yeah, I’ve had my Venom for several years and tried it with various components and found a faint difference over stock. Not the case with the Delta and Alpha. Honestly, I’m surprised and continue to be mystified how a power cable can influence SQ so much.


Amazing isn’t it? 

I have two direct lines… one for my power conditioner and one for my amps. The power cord on my amps made a huge difference. Much more than the rest.

What is your system and venue? There is a place to show it under your UserID. Then you don’t have to repeatedly type in your system. It need not be “show photos”… but is great to see your system. Makes understanding much easier. 

I’ve extensively compared delta and alpha v2 power. In my system it was hard to tell a difference sometimes. Cardas clear beyond xl was better than both. 

Less noise. More open, more musical, more dynamic. Pretty much better in every way. On most songs I couldn’t even tell the difference between delta and alpha. On some songs alpha was maybe more dynamic but the tiny difference made me discouraged by shunyata. 

@w123ale as @ghdprentice said:

Good to hear that higher level cords are significantly better. I know my AudioQuest Hurricane is simply stunning.

Check out the Hurricane you won't be disappointed