Signal Cable Silver Resolution

Has anyone ordered (or better yet, heard ) these? They are priced even better than Signal's usual offerings, considering the standard terminations seem to be silver bullets.
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I have Silver Resolution speaker, interconnect, and digital cables on order and should have them in a week to 10 days. The interconnects do come standard with the Eichmann Silver Bullets. I am currently using the previous top of the line SignalCables in a couple of systems and think very highly of them. I'm anxious to see if the new Silver Resolution series maintains the natural tonal balance of their copper predecessors while providing even greater detail. If so, these will be an outstanding bargain. :)
Hello, the Silver Resolutions, delivers the goods. I have also owned the copper line from Signal, and as good as they were, the Silver Res.has taken my gear to a different level. Bass is tighter, more dynamic, and the highs which were a bit soft before, are rendering now, a smoother, wider, livelier soundstage. So far I've replaced the cables between Amp, Preamp, and CD, for the Silver Res., next will be the speaker cables.
Hi SC fans, I've just received my Silver Res ICs (3ft & 10ft) & Speaker cables (5ft), I've connected the ICs from my DV-50 to JR Consummate Pre Amp to ML 20.6s Pwr Amps and the speaker cables are driving my RRM R3 speakers. As compared to my current cable setup of AQ Dragon speaker cables & Diamond IC, it delivers much more details, transparency, wider soundstage, the highs & lows are now much clearer than before and above all, it's not bright at all!!! To sum it up, much more musical to my ears!! Mind you, they've yet to be broken in, currently only about 5 hrs of music playing time!!! I've also used Purist Audio Design Burn In Rev B disk for another 5hrs thereafter. Hope they'll be "cooked" sooner, can't wait to hear more!!!! They're indeed well worth the money spend and offers much more! I've finally stopped browsing for a "suitable" sound aka cables!! Hope you'll too. Cheers!
I live in Sweden. And I was erlier agent for cardas and Silversmith cable. I stop sell this cable since I think they are to expenciv. Tey are good good cables. But cost so much. I buy one set of siver resolution speaker and signal. And also powercords.two of them. And I will not say how it sound now in my stereo. But if I say like this. My expenciv cables are gone! And I will never put them back. Not even fron TV . That say it al sir. I have now order more cables to the rest of things I need. And I not use this ultra expenciv cables at al. Cardas that go out is golden cross. And then as I say Silversmith. So this high rank cable I will say sound as cables that come with small systems from store in competision with silver resolution cable. And One ord about Mr Frank. You cant find a nicer seller. You have nothing to lose. He refund you if not satisfied. But I think you as we al say that this is fantastic cables.
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I just ordered a pair. I have been using the Analog 2 and the Magic Power cables and really like them. I met someone a couple of weeks ago who lives right around the corner from Signal Cable who is using them and he says they blow the Analog 2 away, they are that good.
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Guys, I've done a lot of listening to the Silver Resolution cables in two different systems, and I really like the interconnects. They do offer higher resolution than the Analog Twos and have deeper bass. They also have a bit more presense in the upper midrange where the Analog Two is a bit dark. In my view they are a worthwhile improvement over the Analog Two, but to say they "blow them away" would be hyperbole.

I can also see where the results would be system and taste dependent. I actually achieved very good results in one system using a mix of Analog Twos and Silver Resolution; this after trying exclusively Analog Two and exclusively Silver Resolution configurations.

Regarding the Silver Resolution speaker cables, I've had mixed results. The Silver Resolutions are the clear winner when used with my Aragon 8002 amp and AP Virgo speakers, but with my VSP Labs amp and VMPS RM30 speakers I prefer the voicing of the Double-run Single wire cables.