Site issues please log here!

It takes me today about anywhere between 3 to 7 min to open a single link today

This post is to express tech difficulties with site and can be filled daily to help development crew to debug issues.



It has seemed slow'ish to me for around a week or so now.

Closing open tabs and restarting may help slightly but in general there seems to be a speed issue that I did not previously notice and that I am not experiencing with other sites.

It was slow for me yesterday but my wait times amounted to about 10-20 seconds. Now everything's hunky-dory.

All the best,

This site has been slow ever since security measures were taken to combat the crap weasels who were dumping spam posts (2-3 years ago). I recently had a major problem with my PC system that made it seem like I was using DSL to surf the web. The problem was with my PCs power supply. I think a lightning strike altered the voltage or some-such which made my computer run slow. Replacing the power supply (I don't use batteries) got me running at normal speed.

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Slowish for me .... especially so since the measures to eliminate bots...

Probably as my wife did the system hesitate on my real status : human or bot... 😊

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