Small speakers for the kitchen - Sensitivity

Hi all,
I have a small system in the kitchen, based on a Linn Classik 1st gen. It’s used a lot as we listen to CDs, streaming via Chromecast and news on the radio. I need to change speakers.

I will want something small (12 to 14" high max), open and articulate, don’t care / need for too much bass extension. They stand on a shelf some 7" from the wall and the cabling is all geared up through the wall so I can’t really move them. In terms of sound quality I would take open / cold and analytical anytime over warm and engaging. After some research it seems as if one of the top contenders would be the KEF LS50s. I am worried though about their sensitivity; it’s published at 85dbs. The speakers I have now, a couple of old RCF Mytho 1, have a published sensitivity of 88 and sometime I need to crank up the volume at 60 / 70 out of 100 to get a reasonable sound level. Linn Classik has a 50 wpc amplifier.

What do you guys think about the KEF / Linn combo ? Can you suggest something with a similar quality but easier to handle ? If you can please suggest option from well known brands that would be possible to audition. My budget for this would extend up to 1500.

Thanks a lot,
Any one of the REGA  bookshelves models  ... that are designed to excel placed close to the back wall.

R1 / RS1 / RX1

Highly recommended 
100% agree with akg on the rega. focal aria are also easy to drive would also work well. the kef might be a challenging load.
Silverline Minuets are worth a look too and will work fine with your amp. 
Check Parts Connexion, they often are having a sale on a variety of brands. Monitor Audio, Focal, Wharferdale often end up there.
If you want analytical that would play loud with a 50 watt amp with good off axis listening audition paradigm prestige 15b. Might find a pair for 1500. 
Thanks a lot for the useful suggestions. I am intrigued by the Silverline Minuets but I am in Europe and they don't seem to be available over here. I have been willing to give the Focal a chance for some time now. Anyone has as experience with the Aria 905 vs 906 ? Big difference ? Experiences ? How sensitive to the wall positioning (very close in my case) will they be ?