So, what's your audio resolution for 2012?

Happy New Year!!!!!
I plan on selling some gear and stream-lining my set up.
May also consider getting rid of my secondary system.
Definitely cleaning up the system cables mess, etc. Possibly getting out of multi channel and using the 2.1 channel equipment for home theater duties as well. I seem to be happy with it and it would assist in the clean up goal.
1 - Dust. Gotta do this more often.

2 - Isolation/Vibration control. Plan on exploring solutions
including a new rack.
I know that won't help our ailing economy, but go cold turkey for a year or two! I have already way overspent on my system...
I am going NOT buy anything new unless I can't live without it! Oh and listen to more of my older music to take away the urge to buy more music that becomes older music...
And build a new cabinet, my resolution for the past 8-9 years:) Mo...don't say it!!
Sorry Theo, but this "vaporware" cabinet is never going to happen. Better have it built before December 21st :-)
Mofi..I asked politely:) Your resolution should be to build greater resistance!!!
don't waste too much time focusing on gear instead of the magic of the music,trying to find a new amp for my 87db SAK2 system Audio, or a new speakers for my rega brio-R.
End of the story.
On Audiogon, taking my cue from The Great Chief Joseph,
I will fight no more, forever.
Peace and health to all in the New Year.
Let's see...

Experiment with different power cables and speaker cables

But mostly, I'll be enjoying lots of new music and being in BLISS :)
No more impulse buys of things that I THINK I might need someday, i.e. interconnects, power cords. At the same time, I plan to sell some things on Audiogon for the first time.
I'm not going to buy any manufactured cables. Instead I'm going to refine my homemade cables. I also plan to build cables for my friends.
Upgrade my digital front-end.

Thoroughly explore first half of the 20th century French and English music. Listen to "Turandot" once and for all.
what is the purpose of any resolution ?

one's behavior is governed by one's personality.
This year I have resolved to start purchasing better quality audio gear. No more mid fi stuff.