Solar Power

I am considering going solar and was wondering if any other audiophiles have done this and whether there was any effect on the sound either positive or negative
Amazingly, other than losing a tongue, my stereo system was unaffected, but the fish seem to suffer from the louse infestation.
I haven't done it but I would imagine it has a lot to do with your battery setup and how long it will hold a certain charge and it's recharging abilities.

I used to have a Red Wine integrated which operated "off the grid" and there is something to it.

Someone with more no-how will eventually chime in.

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My cottage is solar power. Power quality is determined by the quality/condition of your deep cycle batteries and the inverter. I have had no problems with powering my system with no ill effects.
If you are on the grid, you probably want a 'grid tied' system, not batteries. A grid tied system allows you to sell your excess energy back to the utility company, while using the grid to draw energy during dark hours. This makes the most economic sense. If your cost/kwh is high, as mine is in California (>$0.20 on average) your payback will be less than 10 years and thus makes sense. My 6.5kw system produces more than $3500 per year. No negative sonic effect on the audio system.
Thank you for your responses I have an appointment with the salesman tomorrow trust me I was not doing this for an improvement in my stereo system I just wanted to make sure there were no negative effects on sound by doing so I am considering solar because of the over 400.00 bills in the summer anyway thanks again