Solid State amp to go with Audible Illusions Modulus 3a preamp

I recently acquired a newly factory refurbished Audible Illusions Modulus 3a Preamp. I was wondering if any one with the experience with this famed vintage preamp could recommend a solid state amp that would pair well.

I am currently using a Willsenton R8 in El-34 mode with a Hsu sub woofer wired using High level inputs. My speakers are vintage Linn Nexus 2 way stand mounts at about 86db efficiency. My current set up sounds excellent to my ears.

I came into this tube based preamp on a whim, and wonder if it can compete with the R8 with solid state amplification. I would like to wire the sub using high level inputs from the amp if possible.



I used an Aragon 4004 MKII with my 3A for years. They worked well together. I would ask your dealer about a good match as well. If you don't have a dealer you could try John Rutan at Audio Connection in NJ. He has sold many 3A's in the past and should be able to advise you on good matches. Good Luck!

I am using my AI Modulus 3A with a Parasound A21+ powering OHM Walsh tall 3000 speakers. All works well and sounds great to me.

My buddy owned an AIM3a and I've always wanted to pair up my upgraded Class A Pass Forte Audio 1a/3 up with one. I'll be consolidating systems and won't get the chance, yet this came to mind when I saw your post. Best of Luck. 

decoony... any chance you will be parting with the Forte Audio 1a/3 when you consolidate? Fingers crossed...

Absolutely check out LSA Voyager GaN 350 which can be found used ~ $1500 (Ric Schultz aka Tweak Audio) does a mod for them too. The GaN based modules should ne magical with a tube pre of that caliber

@1happyman decooney... any chance you will be parting with the Forte Audio 1a/3 when you consolidate? Fingers crossed...

Maybe. I was considering keeping it for a while after I decide to sell my QS Mono 120s this winter, but I guess I could consider that option instead.  Soderberg is local and did a few extras for me on this particular amp upgrade. Will think about it this summer.  Thx 

Thanks to all that responded. I settled on the LSA Warp1 which has gotten good reviews. It appears to stand out among other models in this price range. There is a trial period with restocking fee. I think I woulld have no problem getting rid of it if I am not pleased. Hopefully will sound great  with the Audible Solutions Modulus 3a (tubes).