Some Cables Thoughts

Working on those cable suggestions you all have offered up to me in the past. I was wondering if any of you might know of a decent grade 110V power cord that has a 90-degree male connector on it? Something like this:

If not, a super flexible cable something similar the stock one that came with my Coda amp, that can turn downward asap and not to long of a connector itself, some are supe long. I need to get tight to the back wall.

As fair as speaker cables, I was thinking of a pair of these, 6 feet long with spade ends.

Do I have your blessings?

PS: No one speaks much here about XLO cables. There are these on USAM - 6ft for $600 DIY terminations, I’d just use bare wire (if I could figure it out (lol)

There is another set there as well with bananas for $800, but I prefer spade.

Thank you!


The XLO Signature is a very good cable.  As for the PC, if you have one you like, just buy a 90 degree connector and swap it out.  

@curiousjim please check out my system here on AG. PC would be for all 4 major components. Under $500 for PC Under $1000 for Speaker Cable, unless you can provide argument for spending more.

@bigtwin thanks!


@navyachts +1 on the Puritan Ultimate Power Cables.  I use them in my own system.  They are as flexible as a wet noodle.  I ordered mine directly from a supplier in England.  Saved 17% over the local retailer and they arrived in 10 days through the mail.  

Nice system. I used a pair of Kimber 8TC’s with my Coda amp and KEF speakers, meh. I am going to start sounding like @soix , but he recommended these for me and they were transformational:


+1 on the AZ Satori recommendation. Excellent value. Great cables.

I tried Puritan Ultimate PC in my system and it wasn’t for me. Gave it over 300hrs of break in, then sold it. Are you handy? You can get a good Furutech power cable and terminate it with whatever plugs you want. 

@zlone the moderators blocked the other listing that you sent me on the AG site,

Could I to send it to navyachts at h o t m a i l 

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I’m a big +2 on the Satoris and hope they find their way to your system. 🤞🤞🤞  Please keep us posted if you could. 

@navyachts Furutech FP-s55n for a power cable

Look at the furutech angle plugs as well:

Look at FI-12L connector for the IEC side. And for the AC end I’d go with FI-50 (non ncf is fine).



In case your offer is not accepted, there is an 8 ft pair on USAudiomart with an asking price of $375 and a 10 ft pair for $550.  

I noted that the current MSRP for an 8 ft pair of Satori II is $1,050.  

No idea what it was for the original Satori.


@jetter Thanks, I already saw this and have communicated with the seller at ASAM. I really only need a 6-foot pair and the seller suggested that they are quite thick and it won’t be so easy to loom/hide the additional length, so I think I’m going to have to pass on them. UGH!


Years ago I had a pair of AZ Hologram speaker cables.  Unlike the many who like them, after giving them significant time for break in they were definitely not for me, and I let them go.

Spoke with the owner of the company, Robert Lee, you could not ask for a more pleasant individual.

At that time I had Triangle antals.  Just wasn't great synergy in that system.  


@soix thanks, I saw those, and those are the ones I purchased.

@bigkidz I checked on eBay but the guy who had the six footer only seem to have one, unless I misunderstood. I purchased the ones on AG. Thanks

Congrats!  Let us know how they work out if you could.  I’d give them a couple days to settle into your system before making serious assessments.

If you’re going to get the furutech just confirm with Chris at VH Audio that the angle IEC connector can handle fps55 cable. It’s pretty thick. 

I cannot give you the secret but Mogami wire is used in the majority of speaker cables. The differences are in the design. Twisted wire, straight wire double insulation, shielding, etc. Use a tech flex on the other cover that reduces the electronic effect. It costs a few pennies more than the standard tech flex.  Same goes for making your own power cables.

Happy Listening.

@bigkidz I have purchased the Audio Zen Satori's as recommended by @soix @audphile1 ​​@jetter. They just arrived yesterday so I hope to give them a test drive later today. Then onto the power cable dilemma!

I'll need a cord for my music server, DAC and pre-amp. The power amp will be the tough one though, as the Furutech outlet is dead center behind the p. amp and I'd like to get the amp as close to the wall as possible. Hence my query on the 90-degree male end for a DIY application. I still need to contact VH Audio about this.

Oh ya, and then there's the power conditioner. I found this one on USAM:

On power conditioners, I’ve been intrigued by balanced power conditioners and was impressed with what I read about Core Power Technologies products prior to them being bought by Underwood Hifi. Their Equi=Core 1800 Mk3 sells for $1799 and comes with a $400 upgraded power cord. I don’t know how it compares to the Niagara, which I’ve also read great things about, but there are reviews of the 1800 out there that might be worth a read. Anyway, just thought this might give you another interesting option to consider FWIW…

Looking forward to your thoughts on the AZs BTW. 🤞🤞🤞

@soix thanks for the lead on the CPT units, I will check out that link! 

Some also mentioned Shunayata, they have some reasonably price PCs as well. Talk about buying locally, they are just a couple of hours down the road from me, although I don't think they sell direct.

After seeing up to thick garden hose PCs, I was a bit shocked to see the flexible Puritan cable

Maybe consider the Audience ForteF3 which is similar in price to the Shunyata Venom.


@audphile1 I am working on upgrading my cables and I wanted to ask you about your network connections. You speak highly of your Purist 7 CAT cable, which is pretty pricey, so I was wondering how you connect it to your music server.

Ideally it would be nice to go straight from the modem to the music server but then you’d have no other connections to hook up ethernet cables to.

Right now I’m going: modem>switch>router>music server. If you throw in the FMCs add another cable. But I was trying to mimic your set-up by eliminating the FMCs. That would be 3 ethernet cables at over $1,000. I could cut it to 2 cables though buy just going: modem>switch>music server which would cut me down to 2 Purist 7 cables.

I am only running a Netgear switch (modem & router too), would I then need to upgrade the switch to that of a higher quality to match the quality of the Purists cables?

Any advice on this would be much appreciated, thank you!

Everything is subjective! Lol

@navyachts I have EERO mesh network and connect with Purist from the access point straight into the streamer  

just get one purist from switch to streamer. And between router and switch use linkup cable which is excellent. You’re gonna be all set.
Link to linkup on amazon


OK, I will order the balance of my cables tomorrow. Thanks for the clarification. I just noticed a lot more base with the new cables at this point. We’ll see how further changes influence that. It’s kinda like going from the renderer in the R26 DAC to the Aurender N200, did I hear a difference, yes, but a $4,000

I still think I need to tweak my DAC. @yyzsantabarbara recommends the Schitt LIM and you and @ghrdprentice recommended the cord TT2. It’s easy to try the Schitt product because of their 15-day return policy, but with all the money I spent on cabling, I don’t think I’ll be able to swing for a new cord TT 2, so I’ll have to buy used, which will make it more difficult to deal with if it’s not too tasty! Then, would I also need their pricey Mscaler to boot?

The only other DAC I would like to try is a W4S 10th anniversary DAC. I had one of the less expensive DACs with Martin Logans before and it sounded pretty darn good. 

Anyways, thank you for your continued help and support.

@audphile1 You sure got that wrong. Audio is subjective, not everything. That is clear. 

Everything is subjective! Lol

@navyachts not my intention nor am I worried. 😏

busy first day on the job, you'll go far with that handle of your here...LOL

@audphile1 Not using ROON any longer so I'm using both the Aurender app with some music on the internal hard drives.  I also have my Tidal HiFi account linked up to it. Cables right now are both a DH Labs USB & coaxial. They both sound about the same but I use the USB the most. I have disconnected the FMCs and am using a run of the mill cat6. I ordered a Purist 7 from Cable Co today and will order Audio Envy power cords tomorrow.