Any body have experience with the SCD changer SONY SCD C333ES? How is it against SCD777ES?
I haven't heard the machine but check out the latest issue of Listener Magazine, Jan/Feb. The editor, Art Dudley reviews it and likes it quite a bit. he's an analog/tube(SET) guy and concludes by saying everyone should buy an SACD player now in order to help support and expand the format. Me, I'm waiting for a good universal (SACD, DVD-A, CD) player.
Hi Kitty: check out and go to the digital hi res forum on SACD. Very nice player. Ted
Kitty: I have 9000ES (which is similar to 333) and I compare it to 777ES. As I matter a fact I owned 777ES and changed it to 9000ES. The 777ES has greater resolution, detail, wider dynamic range, airy and have slightly better dynamic range. 9000ES has more timbral accuracy and better bass. Everybody has different taste, as I observed on this forum. Similary to the editor of Listener, I would describe 9000ES midrange as that of best tube amps. Also, I send my unit to Stan Warren of Supermode (541/ 344 - 3696) for the upgrade of power supply+analog stage. It will be very inexpensive and wonderful machine. Tom, I will take liberty to suggest to anyone who wait on the fence that eventual winner will be....MP3 (with hi-speen modems, it will be improved to the level, say 9 bit resolution or even more...), ask any tipical 14 years old "audiophile" - Simon
Kitty - Sorry about not responding sooner. I don't think Listener has website.
Simon - Excellent point! However, since there is absolutely no demand for SACD or DVD-A amoung 99% of humanity, I don't think either is going to go any farther than an audiophile item. I've heard one Mp3 disc and the sound quality was awful. These things are the reasons why I have a Perpetual Technology P3A and P1A and am playing all CDs with 24/96 upsampling and interpolation, and am buying as many "redbook" 24/96 discs as possible. Just picked up a great one, Jimmy Smith - "Root Down-Live!". I am scheduled to have room and speaker correction applied from Perp. Tech. and, if it makes as 1/2 as much difference as P.T. claims, I think I'll be all set. Me buying an SACD player is not going to stop any of my nieces and nephews from getting everything they listen to on an MP3 file. I don't think you or I will defeat that giant.
TomRyan, I needed a new DVD player to replace my second generation Sony. I kept waiting for a good DVD-Audio player. The CD and DVD-Video audio of the S9000ES was vastly superior to any DVD-Audio player I could find. I bought the 9000ES and have high res sound now. Someday, I need to replace my Rotel preamp. It doesn't have component video switching, 96/24, DPL2, or EX. I assume that preamps will begin offering DVD-Audio as a feature (like DTS). Hopefully, some will also offer upsampling. That's when I'll upgrade my preamp. Maybe by then, there'll be over 100 DVD-Audio discs. I agree that DVD-A and SACD will be no more popular than 96/24 DADs until the price of the software comes down into the mid-teens. It will happen. Sony is a volume retailer.
While I have only been living with my new 333ES for 2 days now, I can say it does a very nice job on redbook cds. On SACD it is a marvel. Here in Canada the 777ES is prohibitively expensive at $2850 ($cdn) so I cannot offer a comparison. On HDCD discs I would give the edge to my Arcam 8SE. The Arcam is generally more laid back and the sound of redbookd cds on the Sony will take some time to get used to.
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