Sony SCD-XA5400ES owners question

I just purchased a Sony SCD-XA5400ES SACD/CD player. It replaces a Sony SCD-XA777ES unit. I want to ask any other owners out there about the round track control knob of the right side of the player. On my older Sony the control knob operates with very definite click detents in forward or reverse, but the 5400 knob feels very indistinct, with almost no click detent feel (especially advancing tracks), making manual track selection using the knob rather difficult at best. Do I have a defective control knob on my 5400, or do they all operate with a rather mushy feel?
Thanks any and all for your kind input.

BTW- the 5400 is an extraordinary CD and SACD player...if you are not an owner I give it my highest recommendation; do give one a listen if you have the chance!
No detents on my sample. OTOH, I always use the remote control for track selection.

Mine has no definite detents either- a bit of an annoyance, but oh well... The sound is worth the trouble ;-)
I have only ever used the AMS knob for navigating the menu in test mode on my XA777ES. Haven't even tried it on my 5400.

I also just use the remote. Mainly I just press "Play" on the remote. Aside from the sound, the things I like on the 5400 remote are the open/close of the drawer, and the display off button.

It is sad to note that this machine is not available in Australia. Don't know what Sony is doing down under, but not making the 5400 available to audiophiles down there is a big bummer.

I never use the control for selecting tracks, but I just rotated the knob without turning the unit on and noticed subtle but definite detents. As an aside, the 5400ES is very responsive to the Logitech Harmony One universal remote I use, much more so than the DVP-S900ES it replaced. Perhaps it was the download to accommodate the new unit. The sound quality of the 5400ES really is grand. I prefer analog XLR for both CDs and SACDs with the 5400ES, whereas I preferred digital coax to my Proceed PDSD for CDs with the 9000ES.

You are right - the detents feel a bit cheezy compared to the XA9000. But it works fine.
The control does 'not' have definite click detents. However the operation is smooth and positive. I use the remote 99% of the time which is excellent. This is without question the best SACD/CD player I have owned and I have had many.
Are most people running the SCD-XA5400ES single ended or balanced? Is the unit fully balanced. Mine is real new and I am trying to sort it out but it seems to sound better single ended. I don't have matching cables both XLR and RCA. I have the unit connected both balanced and single at the same time. Would this have effect the Sony unit on the sound?
I forgot to add the balanced output seems to be at the same level as the RCA connect. Usually XLR is a lot higher.
It is strange.
I was looking into "fully balanced" while searching for an amp. I doubt the Sony is fully balanced. My Parasound A21 has balanced connection, but it is not "fully balanced". Units cost almost twice for fully balanced configs.
Also you are right about the XLR level outs on this Sony. Sony's spec mention that the RCA and XLR both output 2V. This is something I did not like about this player. Nothing to do with sound quality, but it would probably help in a passive config.
What do you mean by "fully balanced?" In the old analog days, the answer was that the entire unit was dual-differential in structure. Today, does it demand that the digital path be balanced or, rather, does it only demand that the analog output stages be balanced? Or something in between?

I am not sure. I was thinking dual-differential in structure. I have a Mark Levinson DAC and transport. I was expecting the same.
Sure but do you mean dual differential throughout all the digital stages or just the analog ones? What features of balanced design are you looking for?

The technical white paper for the player says this about the balanced connection:

"The SCD-XA5400ES is designed so that all routes from input to output are completely balanced circuits." (p. 18)

This should indicate a fully balanced construction, right?

Where can I get a copy of the Sony SCD-xa5400es "white paper"?

Link or source?
I once emailed a copy of the PDF to someone who posted it on an audio forum. Try googling for it.

Does anybody know whether there is a replacable fuse in the Sony 5400ES? Is it worth replacing with one of the hi tec fuses? Can I get better sound?
There are two replaceable fuses. Looking at the service manual I have here:

F001 1-532-501-33 FUSE (T800mA/250V) (US, CND)
F002 1-532-501-33 FUSE (T800mA/250V) (US, CND)

T means slow blow.

I am also thinking of trying after-market fuses. Probably HiFi Tuning SilverStars. The small 5 X 20mm, 1 amp slow blow would work.

I am thinking of selling mine and getting the new Sony Universal Player my HT system to reduce the number of boxes.  My wife keeps trying to play Blu Rays in the SACD player

how long have you owned your 5400ES ? You will have no trouble selling it.
Happy Listening!
"My wife keeps trying to play Blu Rays in the SACD player".

Lol. Doesn't work too well does it?

Best to you mahler,
My wife is an excellent Registered Nurse, Grandmother, Cook, Quilter, and Home Decorator.  Electronics completely flummox her.  Do the other guys here similar experiences?
  My Sony is about 8 years old but I would describe as lightly used.  It resides in a HT system in our family room that is primarily for TV and video.  When I added the Bluesound Node 2 that pretty much finished off any use the Sony was getting.  I have another surround sound system in the basement and that Cave is where I do my Surround listening, with a Pioneer Elite DVD-SACD player attached by an 'I link' to a Pioneer Elite receiver 
Very nice! mahler123

I use a Pioneer Elite 59-AVi for DVD duty as well. It is outstanding!

Happy Listening!