I have a Baby Electric which I basically use to run a pr of Rega RI speakers in my bed room.
With my usual stupidity I tried a humoungus Pangrea PC on it and made the IEC plug come loose.
I live in a small-medium city where the only repair tech I could find works in a large Guitar store that also sells Pro-Audio gear so, not trusting my old eyes and shaky hands,
I brought my beloved Baby in for surgery.

Three days later I get a call its all done, I hurry down and when I come thru the door there is about a dozen guys gathered around my Baby driving a huge set of EV stage speakers !

Comments like , wow I never heard bass like that. check those mids", fantastic highs etc etc abounded.
The tech and store owner, both about 50, told me it was the best amp they ever heard.

I could hardly belive it !
Sometimes the best results come from small,well conceived but unpretnsious products.
I think you stumbled onto something here that comes up often on other threads. Namely, that people who have been in the business all their lives on the "pro" side of the equation get a chance to hear something that only "auidophiles" would consider listening to, and lo and behold, it sounds great. Who would have thought?

It never fails to depress me when the "pros" chime in and say something can't sound better due to ________ and when they finally get a chance to hear that something, they like it.

Nothing like an epiphany. Thanks for getting the word out.

All the best,
or perhaps it is a case of synergy with the speakers which can in the best case lead to an epiphany.
Perhaps, but Baby sounds good on every one of the dozen or so speakers its been hooked to.
Gets my vote for Best Bargain in Audio.
I agree ! I had a Sophia Baby and on a whim I hooked it up to my Revel F52`s, even though it didn`t play very loud, what I did hear convinced me to land a Rogue ST90 tube amp (w/KT120`s) because I really REALLY liked what I heard.