Soundbars for guest house

Building a guest house and trying to get it together with simplicity and cost.  Have 3 incredible home systems 5.1, 5.1, 3.1; all Linn speakers driven active with Dirac room correction.  Trying to get my mind around enjoying the simplicity and cleanliness of a soundbar with sub and rears, something like the JBL 1300 x.  Will live with it a few months then turn over to kids and guests….just wondering if anyone has experience entering this world….both for music and HT….thoughts, experiences, recommendations 🙏?


The general cautionary words about the Sennheiser is the Atmos effects don’t work well w tall or vaulted ceilings…. but it’s on my list as a possible anyway…. We had the Sonos bar for years and found it adequate but certainly NOT as our sole music system….

Thanks for that, great room with vaulted ceiling and adjacent open dining with many windows!