Speaker Cable Recomendations

I’m looking for some advice on speaker cables under $2000 (8' length) also and the interconnects under $500 (1M length).

Luxman L-509X Int. Amplifier

Luxman D-03X CD Player

Dynaudio Contour 20i Speakers

Thank you in advance.


what nature of sound are you looking for?

and why that price point?

decent cables are available for much less than your stated ’budget’, though many vendors here would love to relieve you of your money

start at any of the vendors below, buy their lower/midline, popular cables, spend the rest of money on music...







Maybe the first question is with regards to allocation of funds. How much for power vs analog interconnects vs digital interconnects vs speaker cable.

I put the most money into power and the least into speaker cables. My approach was simple, Shunyata for power and digital whereas I went with Audioquest for analog interconnects and speaker cable.  I used their top copper speaker cable.  The next step up was their silver speaker cables, but I didn’t have the budget to go silver.  So, clean power was the most important aspect of my system.

what nature of sound are you looking for?

+1 @jjss49 This is critical info to have to make a targeted recommendation.  

Aside from PCs, I have found the cabling that makes the most difference in the system is the source interconnect. I just confirmed with my own experimentation. The theory is that anything lost from the source can't be gained further in the system. I would apply my budget in the reverse!

Whatever you choose I would get the same brand all around. Try Kimber, DH Labs or Pangea as potential candidates. I would begin the process by auditioniong power cords first to identify the brand you like, then get wires all around from that same brand. Leave the notion that expensive is better at the door. It is about matching the cable to your personal preferences.

Are you making cables or buying off the shelf? I had never made a cable up to 2 years ago, and wont look back now. You can make a €300-€500 RCA cable that will thrash an €800-€1,500 off the shelf with minimum soldering skills.

Speaker cable wise, anything that has UP-OCC copper written on it and a heavy gauge.


They made me custom Phono cable, my length, my special din connector, very cooperative, high quality.

I am into Locking RCA connectors these days. I bet they would make you interconnects with locking connectors if asked.

I make my own speaker cables using Cat8 and WBT spades. Their speaker cables costs are very reasonable, remember, the prices are for pairs of cables.

btw, you can get different colors, easy to identify this from that

Someone is selling Cerious Matrix speaker cables (no connection to me ) ...great cables at great price (even new)...I've been using a pair for a few years...

I would recommend Cardas Clear Reflection or used Clear Beyond. You have a very nice system, I have heard those components. Cardas will add ever so slightly to the warmth without removing the details and I think make the system sound a bit more musical. 

@densen17 - I'm with @lak  

I rate Audio Envy as best bang for the buck and Zavfino if you want a little better details and image, but they do get a little expensive in thier upper end of their range

Regards - Steve