Speaker vibration control device

I have a set of Monitor Audio Gold 300 speakers (59 lbs) and I'm interested in vibration control. But there are so many products out there where do I begin? First off my speakers sit on carpet in my living room (sub-floor is wood). I have rambunctious grandchildren who visit every 3rd weekend and when they do, I slide my speakers closer to the front wall to be out of harms way. When the kids aren't here I slide the speakers back out to their optimal listening position. Any recommendations for vibration control under these (mobile) circumstances? I've looked at Stillpoints but their cost is all but prohibitive. Also looked at IsoAcoustics and the need for carpet spikes was not appealing. I ran across Townshend Audio's seismic platforms and I think I'd like them. Anyone familiar with this product? How has it improved the sound of your speakers? MA Gold owners what vibration control product do you use and how does it improve the SQ of your speakers?
Look up on Amazon = Rubber Door Stopper / Bumpers. $10 for package of 4. Originally to prevent door knob damage to walls. I use them on many items. Enjoy ! MrD.
mewsickbuff, to be clear, when you say "vibration control", you're referring to what transfers to the floor, correct? Clay ceramic pads under the speakers will virtually eliminate anything to the floor. 2" thick patio stones cut to size with a rubber mat on both sides is really all it takes. But it has to be clay ceramic like bricks and flower pots. It simply will not vibrate at low frequency.
How about spiking the speakers to 35 pound 16"x16"x2" patio slabs? You could add a piece of carpet on the slab to protect the kids' heads.
No spikes, you don't want them stabbing themselves. Perhaps soft foam on the corners of the speakers with bungie chords. Can't be too safe.
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Too bad Tekna Sonic went belly up many years ago ‘cause their dampers were the ticket for speaker cabinet vibration. The very frequencies of subs present perhaps a worse problem. Of course there are solutions to these sorts of problems. Which reminds me, anyone ever notice how raucous and irritating the dust cap is on woofers? That can’t be good. 
The speaker stands I made were worthwhile. The bass tightened up and the midrange was less smeared. 
I would HIGHLY recommend Herbie’s Gliders. No clue how or why they work, but they made a noticeable difference fir my Audio Physic Avanti III’s. Cleaner and deeper bass, even a more magical midrange and sound stage that goes way beyond the walls of the room
I had a pair of Techsonics but couldn't tell a difference. I also had concerns that they kept falling off. Also I thought they should have been directly bolted on to the speakers. Take the magnetic panel off too for a secure bond.
Oh, well, that’s kind of how it goes, sometimes. By the way, the magnetic 🧲 pads were directional and were sold in pairs with the dampers. If the pads aren’t oriented properly or if you accidentally switched pads there wasn’t sufficient holding power and the dampers fell off.
Thanks for all the input. There are lots of beautiful, affordable things out there if one knows where to look. Decided to go with these:
After digging a little deeper I see these will work with the platforms I already have that allow me to keep the speakers stable and move them when the grand kids visit.