Speakers for 15K - Discounts

    I'm thinking of getting Bowers and Wilkins 802 D3 speakers. I got all my gears from Dealers and never got any discounts. This is going to be by far the biggest purchase I'm going to make on speakers and I want to find out, if it is okay to ask for a discount to the dealer? I live in AZ.Also any suggestion with respect to the dealer will be much appreciated.

Any dealer I have purchased from gave me at minimum of a 10% discount. BTW,it doesn't hurt to ask!
Dealers get big profits from new speakers. It's a niche hobby. Not many people even dream of dropping over a grand on some speakers. It's more like a car purchase. You can absolutely deal with them and shop around as well. 
Some companies discourage their dealers from discounting their products. One way around that is for the dealer to give an inflated trade-in value for the customer's old piece(s). When I went from McIntosh to ARC (one such company), that's what my dealer did.
You just need to talk to the dealer and ask. Some will discount and some will not. Sometimes your discount can come from a higher than market trade in on you old speakers, or a discount on accessories, so the dealer can maintain their retail price on the item they are selling and make the manufacturer happy. Buying a demo item can also result in some savings.
"I got all my gears from Dealers and never got any discounts."

Sorry to hear that  karurravi. Paying retail for anything is just plain silly. Just like buying anything,most dealers of big ticket items expect to negotiate a sale [homes,cars, expensive audio...etc.]  Me,I never pay retail unless there is no other alternative,which is rare for me.
It never hurts to ask. If they refuse... move on to the next guy. Remember,it's your money.   
Also I saw you live in Arizona. If you are are in Phoenix you should stop by Arizona Hi Fi. They carry B&W
I bought my Cronus Magnum 2 from them. It was really a pleasant experience. I'll go and talk to them this week. Thank you.

you can expect at least 10% discount, possibly more. Happy Listening!
Arizona hifi is a reaaly great store. When i travel to Phoenix i always try to stop in.
I bought new Acoustic Zen Crescendo's from an authorized dealer at 25% off retail. As most have said in this thread why would anyone ever pay full price?
Forget spending $15k on this.  Build the Linkwitz LX521 system for 1/3rd the price, get a loudspeaker at least as good and likely better, and being this is a DIY project, you'll have much, MUCH more enjoyment from your system.  Spend your $10k savings elsewhere.

Or... you can just go buy your loudspeakers the same way you buy furniture.
If you DO go with the LX521, you'll need that $10K you saved; a pair of them requires six channels of amplification! A better option is to get a pair of GR Research OB/Dipole Subwoofers (it and the woofer section of the Linkwitz are similar in both being OB/Dipole, but the GR includes the Rythmik Direct Servo-Feedback system, which produces far better bass than the woofers in the LX521), paired with Magneplanar 3.7i or Eminent Technology LFT-8b loudspeakers (or any other planar speaker of your choosing, whether Magnetic-Planar, Electrostatic, or Ribbon), requiring only a single stereo amp (the woofers are self-powered).
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Hope you haven't pulled the trigger yet. If you have do not read further!

I heard the Vandersteen Treo CTs yesterday at an audionut gathering in NJ. Never been a Vandy fan; but these were exceptional with a Belles Aria!
Paying retail is bad. Buying the wrong gear is worse. I always look at it from a bang-for-the-buck perspective. If $8,000 speakers could sound better than $15,000 ones, that beats a 15% discount any day.

Has anyone heard both the Treo CTs and the 802 D3s? BTW the 802 D3s are going for $11,000 here.

PS. The Treos sounded better on the Aria than a Rogue Cronus Magnum at about $600 more. (Sorry Karurravi) Another example of  bang-for-the-buck. I didn't ask about discounts.  ......yet
Make sure to listen to a large cross section of alternatives, lots to choose from new/used at that price point and below. 
Was in an audio shop Friday in Austin, and the only discount they would countenance was 3% if you paid cash instead of using a card.
Rythmik is located in Austin. If you buy two of their great subs at the same time you get a 10% discount, and save the shipping if you pick up the subs at the Rythmik office/warehouse.
3% break if you pay cash! That's a joke. Look elsewhere is all I'd tell you. 
The B&W 802D3 are $11k EACH.

I listened to Treos at AXPONA 2015 with Naim integrated and 2 weeks back with a Sugden 30W integrated. The AXPONA demo left me wondering what the fuss was about. But they sounded better with the Sugden. Not something that I was looking for. But again, there were too may loudspeakers in that room and might be they need to be placed optimally to sound their best?
Like your Dad should of told you it never hurts to ask.I was in Macys years ago and bought a cd player I asked the sales manager and he gave me 20% off. Go to the sales manager hes the guy who has to agree not the salesman.