Speakers that scale

I’m currently in between speakers, and despite my best efforts to rely on headphones to carry me through the 6 week + waiting period for the build, I ended up shopping my favorite local HIFI shop. Happened upon some Sonus Faber Lumina III’s for an outstanding price. 

I placed them in my current 2-channel rig with LTA preamp, and Pass power amp this weekend. As a previous SF owner I knew what to expect, however I have to say the old cliché of “punching above its weight” comes to mind. Perhaps it’s being without speakers for a few weeks. But it reminds me of other speakers I’ve put in my HIFI rig that scaled to the equipment. The ubiquitous KEF LS50 is one. The SF lumina is another. 

Perhaps an interesting discussion topic, what other speakers scale up to “better equipment?” Meaning most of us follow a rule that your speakers and amps likely would account for the majority of the budget for a system. But being you have a reference Amp, Source etc. what other speakers can play with higher priced or higher end gear? 


DCM Time Windows are competitive with five-figure speakers. I have a late- production pair (52779, 52780). They easily handle the power of 200+ wpc amps. Large- scale symphonic music and opera, no problem!

I currently own Sonus faber Olymica Nova Vs and previously owned Sonettos Vs and prior to them Venere 3.0.

I've always appreciated Sonus faber higher end speakers and I'm shocked by the value the Lumina's provide.

It demonstrates there's a market and also that it's competitive.  I'm sure there are more options that are high value and I'd recommend you look at Proac.  

@overthemoon ...How do the Lumina`s compare to the Nova V`s ?

We heard the Nova V`s this weekend along with Magico M5`s we preferred the SF over the M5...simply sounded more musical.

I`ll be selling my Revel F52`s and maybe I need to consider the Lumina`s too 

The Lumina's are great value for the money. 

The similarities are in the 'voice' specifically the tweeters and mid-range but the differences is in the detail and ability to provide the detail during crescendos and musical peaks.  I've heard this between several of the SF 'families'

I know two individuals that thought my Venere's were garbage but impressed with my  Sonettos listen to the Lumina's and ask why would someone by the Sonettos.

maggies are the ultimate scaling speaker imho...  but you need to be able to deal with their demands in terms of setup and ancillaries to fully reap the benefits of what are capable of

I’ve had various JBLs for years. The better I fed them, the better they sounded. Currently have a newly restored pair of XPL 140s with a 2241H subwoofer. This setup murders a pair of meticulously set up Wilson Sashas I saw in a store in Kansas City. Speaking of bargains!