Springsteen "Live in Hyde Park" dvd

Watched the BluRay version two nights ago. Amazing performance by a 60 year old man with nothing left to prove. Easily the best concert DVD he has put out.
a 60 year old man with nothing left to prove

I wish he had asserted himself more along those lines when his record company produced "The Rising" and "Magic" for him, and he heard what it sounded like. Great music, crappy sound.

Ditto on Metralla's comments about "great music, but crappy sound". From a sound quality perspective, the Boss's recordings have been a huge disappointment!
I just picked this up today, so far I think it's the best Bruce DVD to date. I think the sonics on this DVD are outstanding.
I agree about the sonics of the Hyde Park Blu-Ray, and of much of Springsteen's recordings. Magic in particular is simply awful! Incredibly compressed and harsh sounding. I don't understand the comments about The Rising, however. Certainly not audiophile quality, but really quite good for a rock record - IMHO.
Ah, I should have checked.

I was referring to the two most recent Springsteen releases and I meant "Magic" and "Working on a Dream". Sorry. Thanks for picking me up.

No problem and you're welcome, Metralla. I personally think that Working on a Dream sounds better than Magic, but, unfortunately, it's still not anywhere near as good as it could be. I sometimes wonder if at least these two records could be re-done without the compression. I can imagine many people would purchase them again. I know I would.

Have you listened to Darkness on the Edge of Town? Interestingly, that gets some criticism sonically in some circles - and Springteen said they over-sang and under-played on it - but THAT has dynamics.
My favourite CD version of "Darkness" is the Columbia CK 35318 made in Japan. If only Springsteen's latest CDs sounded like this one, I'd be a happy man.

I'm a big fan but was unimpressed with his live show (in Glasgow a few weeks after that) despite the fact he gives you 200%.

The energy just dissipates in a stadium, you could be anywhere and when he played a non-famous song it clearly up how many people were there for a party.

I've seen him live three times and I've always been disappointed (that was the first time with the E-Street Band though)he's a performer imho rather than an artist live-if you can follow that. I think there's two Springsteen's...there's the recording artist who perfects (as best he can) his vision into a music form often working on many levels and working hard at subtle aspects of it (although I conceded there is a problem with recent productions).....and there's the Boss, the man who will give you the big rock and roll show and delivers everytime....for me it's a bit fake, it batters all the honesty and substance out of his music and some of his inane talk hasn't aged well but hey what does he care........

Still I doubt there's anyone of his generation retaining the same level of credibility with his ability to put out new music and deliver on the live stage.
I think there is a magic line where a performer moves into the Greatest Hits/Las Vegas territory. For me, Bruce kind of crossed that line in 1985 on the second leg of the Born in the USA Tour. Every stadium tour since has suffered from being very formula driven. He could easily tour around the best songs from the last three albums, as the actual song canon is very strong. A band with similar greatness is the RHCP, who were able to rejuvinate very late in their career.

With that said, I did like his two solo acoustic tours (1995 Joad and 2004 tour) and think the best thing he did last decade was the Seeger Sessions, which in a way reminded me of the greatness of his second album. Very organic feel to the sessions and follow-on tour, based on a real departure for him.
Great post, Bongofury. I'm in general agreement with all of it! Excellent insights and points.
"My favourite CD version of "Darkness" is the Columbia CK 35318 made in Japan. If only Springsteen's latest CDs sounded like this one, I'd be a happy man."

Me too, Metralla...me too! Thanks for the post about the Japanese Darkness. I'll check that out.