SS preamps with two XLR inputs and at least four outputs [two of them XLR]

I am having trouble finding a SS preamp with at least two XLR inputs [plus the usual two or three RCA ones] and at least four outputs [two of them XLR]. This combination is not very common.
Can anyone help me? 
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McIntosh offers a number of preamps with XLR in & out.  Keep your eyes peeled for second hand units here or contact Audio Classics for models, features and pricing.
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I have the Pass XP 10 and it fits your requirements, I'm sure other models do too.
The OP is looking for "at least four outputs". I personally haven’t seen any preamps, maybe except for home theatre processors, that meets that requirement. I think most of models recommended don’t either.
Using splitters is an option. Or check the miniDSP thread.
I'm the OP---- re kalali's apt comment: Many of the preamps suggested do not have 4 sets of outputs. 
kalali is correct: that configuration is indeed rare. My  PS Audio PCA-2 does have two pairs of XLR and two pairs of RCA outputs, which I use to drive two main amps [separately] and two pairs of sub-amps. However, it does not have two pairs of XLR inputs, but only one.... thus my search.
In any event, thanks for all the suggestions.... they are much appreciated. 
two XLR (input or output )
Does it mean  1 left and 1 right
or  2 X (1 left +1 right)  ?
I meant 4 pairs of outputs.... 2 pairs XLR, 2 pairs RCA, i.e. the configuration on my current PS Audio PCA-2.... What I want to add to my system is a preamp with at least two pairs of XLR inputs, so that I can drive a Denafrips Pontus and an Oppo Sonica via their XLR outputs.
Again, thanks for all the suggestions.
Must it be SS? If not, check with Ralph, username atmasphere, who is a manufacturer who frequents this site. His Atma-Sphere MP-3 almost gets you there. I Know he can add another XLR output, but I don't know if he can add two additional RCA outputs along with it
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FWIW, the McIntosh C50 features 2 pair of XLR inputs, 7 pair of RCA inputs, 1 pair of MC RCA inputs, 1 pair of MM RCA inputs, 3 pair of XLR outputs, 3 pair of RCA outputs and an RCA external processor loop (1 pair in + 1 pair out).  There are also 5 digital inputs:  2 TOSLINK, 2 SPDIF and 1 USB.  XLR and RCA inputs (except phono and processor) are all user-assignable.

Sounds to me like that might cover all your bases and then some.  C47 and C48 are more compact alternatives that also offer 2 pair of XLR inputs and 2 pair of XLR outputs along with multiple RCA I/O pairs.  If you want to add HT capability, MX135, 136, 150 and 151 also meet or exceed your minimum numbers.  The MX range is physically quite large, though.

All are more-or-less readily available used.  Surf around and you'll for sure find what you want.  Good luck and happy hunting!
 The mackintosh C 47 has all the XLR inputs and outputs you require .I may be willing to sell mine.
 The mackintosh C 47 has all the XLR inputs and outputs you require .I may be willing to sell mine. Also has I believe 2 Toslink, 1 SPDIF , mm/mc 3 or 4  unbalanced inputs. It has very good DACs. Does not support MQA.C
 Mackintosh C 47 has everything you want  it also has some very good DACs, TOSLINKs and SPDIF
SST Ambrosia 2000 is a great sounding pre,  gives you a set XLR in and 3 sets of single ended, plus a great phono section and 2 sets of XLR out and 2 sets single ended out.  
Sorry to be snippy, timlub--- but please read the OP more carefully. I specifically requested information about preamps with TWO sets of XLR inputs.

I saw it,  but others recommended did not meet exact criteria either. This was as close at most of the others and quite frankly,  I listed exactly what it did because it was not exactly what you had listed. .... Although the Mac's hit quite well. It is an excellent sounding pre.  

Right, timlub.... Sorry for the reaction. And you are correct.... several of the other responders also recommended preamps with only one set of XLR inputs. I am sure that the Ambrosia is a fine preamp. The Mac C47 does meet the criteria, however it is out of my price range.
I appreciate your contribution to my search. the more preamps I look at, the better.
Best wishes...... DZ
If you can use a passive Hattor makes excellent products at reasonable prices

Here you go,  I've sat in front of this pre many times,  always found it musical and enjoyable.  
Coda 07X.... New List price is $6500,  I've seen them used for half of that. 
timlub, thanks..... it is very attractive. The Music Room and US Audio Mart had it used awhile back. I'll keep an eye out
Marantz has several models in a mid-fi category.  I've had the AV7005 and now the AV8801.  They seem to have done well with the (discrete) circuitry.  I'm pushing the signal through a couple Parasounds for stereo and HT listening into some Martin Logan Motion series and they are quite clean.
“The Mac C47 does meet the criteria, however it is out of my price range”

Actually, if you look at the C47 carefully, it looks like the two pairs of the XLR outputs are shared with the two pairs of the RCA unbalanced outputs which seems to imply that you can only use one or the other and not both at the same time. So technically it has three outputs one of which is “fixed” similar to a “tape out” loop connection. If you need four independent outputs all of which controlled by the volume control, then you’ll need to look further.