Stolen SoundLabs - just in case...

Here's one for the "I hate it what that happens" file:

This morning my car, u-haul trailer, and a pair of SoundLab M-1PX loudspeakers were stolen from a hotel parking lot in Barstow, California. I'm hoping that they show up for sale somewhere (ah - the speakers, not the car & trailer - gotta keep my priorities straight here!). The serial number is M1PX002, the side rails are rosewood, and the backplates have the "hotrod" upgrade identifiable by the large blue Jensen capacitors. They have the shallower 45 degree panels characteristic of th PX series. There aren't very many M-1PX's in circulation.

If you happen to come across these speakers for sale somewhere, contact officer Dante' Caliboso of the Barstow Police Department, case number 07-4135 and 07-4136 (they list the automobile and trailer separately, and the backplates were in the car). Their phone number is 760-255-5111, and my cell phone is 504-251-2311.

Oh by the way, I also found out that U-Haul's "insurance" doesn't cover theft.


Duke, my sincere regrets. I will make it a point to look for ads on these speakers. The logical choice for a non audiophile will be Ebay.

I assume you were on the way to install these for someone when you were hit?
It wouldn't surprise me at all if these were dumped somewhere...that's what I would do with huge speakers like that if I didn't know what they were. Or maybe they'll call Soundlab to ask about value, instructions, etc

I'm sure you called Soundlab already to alert them of this.

Also, I would check the local craigslist...they might pop up for sale there.

I read of a free service that is like an ebay items for sale notification search but it scans ebay, craigslist and a few others and if soundlabs ever do come up on the local craigslist where the theft occurred you can be almost certain they are yours. If you want me to search for this article to get you the URL let me know and I'll do some digging.

Also...ebay has something called a 'want it now' feature where you post a wanted ad that people can scan and get in touch with you if, say, you're looking for a pair of Soundlabs. You should submit one. If a thief wanted to sell these on ebay that would be the more discrete way of doing it rather than posting them for sale.

If your car was hooked to the trailer, could your own auto insurance cover these by any chance?
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Everyone should check Craigslist, local paper's Ebay or any other website you can "Google" sorry for your bad fortune.
Be sure to check on the hotel's legal liability for theft on their property...a "not liable for theft" doesn't cut it if there has been a history of thefts and they have not attempted to remedy the situation!
Sorry to hear this. I hope you catch these people. Let us know.
I will keep an eye out for them.

BTW, the same thing happened to some friends of mine in Pheonix, AZ. They stopped for a night in a motel. In the morning, their car was gone.
Seems they wait for these "opportunites."
Duke - I feel your pain here on this one. I don't imagine those guys even know what to do with the speakers. Keep us informed - I hope they turn up, and that one form of insurance steps forward. All the Best, Peter
Duke, my heart goes out to you. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry!!!

Hoping things will turn out for the best,
Always scan the immediate area. Thieves frequently dump items that are too cumbersome or are of no interest to them. Trying to move big or expensive items is too much trouble for todays lazy thieves.
Greg is right about that. I "found" my car again after it got stolen and taken for a joy ride. I put myself into the "mind of the thief" and though about where I would leave it if I wanted to dump it. I don't know how easy that would be for the Barstow area...
Sorry to hear that you have to deal in crime ridden areas. The speakers will be dumped, no doubt. Does anyone seriously think that car thieves are knowledgeable in the fine art of high-end audio? Good luck.

I know that someone mentioned car insurance, but if you have not thought of it, your home owners or renters insurance also covers items being transported to and from your home in your car.

Good luck.
Duke we got your back will keep looking online but I do feel thiefs have no clue what the screens are in the uhaul bet they dump or hock them.
I think he is a dealer, so I seriously doubt his homeowner's policy would cover. Hopefully, he has some coverage for his inventory.
Sorry to hear about your misfortune. You may already know this, but, you can put in a custom search in ebay and you will get an email everytime a Soundlab speaker is put up for sale.
Thank you all for your words of encouragement and your excellent suggestions. I will be watching Craiglist and Ebay and putting on my disguise and posing as a customer if they show up.

The cops drove me around Barstow truck stops and other secluded areas close to roads, but we found nothing. They were hoping to find the trailer, as the target was probably the car (Honda CRV).

I don't know what my insurance coverage is at this point - I'll make some phone calls on Monday, but then I'll have to get on the bus and start heading home.

The hotel was a nice one (by my standards at least!) - a Red Roof Inn - and the people who worked there said they'd never had a car stolen out of the parking lot before, though they did have a motorcycle stolen once and a few cars broken into over the years.

Again, thank you one and all.

Sad for you Duke,

Crime, that kind especially, can happen anyway at anytime.
I'm sure Duke didn't think he was in a bad place.

I hope the speakers are dumped somewhere, and the cops recover them. I don't think it would be to hard for them to drive through most neighborhoods etc... and give some guy the deal of a lifetime or go to some pawn shop in the city. If Duke was the target then I'm sure the trailer was the main reason hoping something valuable was inside. Don't think they need to be versed in hi-end audio to turn a quick buck on some wonderful speakers. Let's hope the cops can do their best and you get a crafty one who knows how to pound the pavement and sources or maybe that's only in the movies.
There is always the chance you were hit by a professional. In that case kiss it goodbye.
I just got a call from the Barstow Police Department that they found my car with the trailer still attached and locked shut. It sounds like all the big pieces are there and okay, except for damage to the ignition system. It was still in Barstow, off a road out in the desert a little ways, behind a building.

To give a little more information in response to some of your posts, the trailer was totally enclosed and locked shut, and the backplates were in my car but not visible without moving stuff around.

Now I don't know how much of a role the good wishes and prayers and concern of all of you my friends played, but the police officer said that I was extremely lucky - that victims of this sort of crime don't get their stuff back like I'm going to. The connection between your good energy on my behalf and this incredibly unlikely outcome may be more than coincidental.

So thank you all very much!

Well, my name is not Earl, but it sure sounds like Karma took good care of you! :)

I hope everything is still in good shape.
i'm glad to hear that they found the truck with the speakers inside

You deserve the good Karma
Congratulations, When the Gods smile on one, say thank you and remember to enjoy the Music
The thieves did not have the proper preamp and amps to do justice with the Sound Lab's, so they did the right thing and left them where they would be found.

Now I don't hate them so much.

I'm happy for you Duke, someone was looking out for you (other than your sweet wife :^).
Duke, sounds like they bit off more than they can chew. If the police are not to busy they could post a lookout. They will probably be back to work on it tonight.

Glad you got it back.
Maybe they didn't like the sound of stats. Look out for post saying as much and be very suspicious of the poster.

Anyway, we're all relieved. The good guys win again.
Hey Duke, it's good to hear you remembered where you parked the car. :-)
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I can think of only three explanations:

(1) The thieves don't like crossovers and being firmly in the FRD camp instead, were disgusted when they didn't see Zu inside.

(2) There were no thieves. You made up the whole story to explain to your good wife why you were parked in that deserted spot in the night when the car refused to start. :-)

(3) There really are angels who keep watch over good speakers and good people.

Whatever the explanation, cheers and congratulations.
Hey Duke, it's good to hear you remembered where you parked the car. :-)

Pretty funny Brian. Hope you are well.
Sometimes good things happen to good people. All of your intellectual generosity over the years being repaid. Congrats.
As I've several times been on the receiving end of Duke's "intellectual generosity", I second Swampwalker's "good things happen to good people" sentiment! Duke: Happy to hear the end was better than the beginning...Cheers, Mike