Streamer for local files (DSD and FLAC), Tidal and Qobuz support, USB/i2s

Looking for 1 box to add to the network that will stream local hi-res files, as well as from Tidal and Qobuz. Must output to USB or i2s. Extra points if you can send files/streams to it from your phone. Nice if it is upgradeable for adding new services. Thanks. 

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Curious as to what's out there for under 3k. Are there solutions under $1k

Used Bryston BDP-3 can be had for less than $3K.  Meets most of your requirements. Interface is certainly spartan but it works and you can samba into it drop you local files on it.  Supports NAS connectivity for local storage.


Used Bryston BDP-pi can be had used for ~$500.   I have one, They sound good but have been discontinued. 


Brand new MOON mind 2 units sell for $2.4k but not sure about their connectivity options. 

You could proly build a Roon server with an SGC Sonic Transport and endpoint for around $3K but thats 2 boxes but foot print be small.

I have the Project Stream Box S2 Ultra.

Hi Res and CD files are attached via USB inputs. A good price, and good sound. 

Pro-Ject S2 Ultra has USB out, a BlueTooth antenna for receiving BT (from your phone) and native Qubuz and Tidal Connect. Plus a PC USB decrapifier and front and rear USB-A’s. And a front power switch for reestablishing the net work connection. All in a small package. 

 Curious as to what's out there for under 3k. Are there solutions under $1k