Streamers with tube output stage?

Any good streamers with a tube output stage out there? Plenty of tube DACs, but I’m interested in a single box streamer/DAC.


maan! some day there will be the unit made of marble chassis and platinum PCB with diamonds in the knobs. It's going to be very expensive!!!

One of the crucial main goals of streamers is keeping noise to an absolute minimum. I don’t see how tubes help with this. Better to just use tubes down the line I’d think.

Why? You searching for your definition of "tube sound?"

Or just extraneous maintenance?

I also think noise is why you don't see any streamers with tube stage.   Tubes are vulnerable to RF noise.    

I prefer separate components,  especially something like a streamer which is essentially a computer.   Not that it will get outdated fast, but it will be like this Tab im typing on... at some point it will no longer be supported by firmware.  


I believe you can order a Lampizator DAC with Roon bridge. This means you do need a separate laptop or server to run the Roon Core on your network.

I wonder if anyone would ask here if there's any laptop with tube output stage for music....

That would be fun