Studer A807

Are any of you out there in audio land using the A807? If so, may I ask you to provide feedback regarding your experience specifically including playback quality and any relevant operational details, heads, tape handling, reliability, etc?

Thank you kindly.   

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In this day and age analog Reel to Reel tape machines need be only museum pieces. What little software that is available (at ridiculous prices) is better purchased as hi res digital files. If your goal is to record other people's special records, this is best done with computer programs like Channel D's Pure Vinyl. I owned an A77 Revox in the 1970's and it was a PITA. After 8 years I got rid of it. Reel to Reel machines like the Studer are really cool devices. This is a terrible reason to buy a piece of stereo equipment. If you need a really cool device to impress your friends get a Maserati M20 Cielo. 

Here is an interesting post on Audigon discussing the superiority of 15ips 2T tape SQ versus vinyl or digital:

All I can say is; IMHO 15ips 2T tape can have the best SQ of any medium, albeit at a stupid price. For example, Lyn Stanley London With A Twist, or Norah Jones Come Away With Me, both these recording, and others, make people think they are listening to live music in my home, that good! Why do you think a lot of high end equipment manufacturers are using R2R tape to demonstrate their products at audio shows?

Honesty! Has OP asked about differences between analog tape technology and other media? How much more clearer his question could be?

OP, I do not have knowledge regarding your inquiry.  It is just frustrating reading these rants, showing off the knowledge of the subject but nothing to do with the question posed. It seems like it became "fashionable" lately.

Forgive me my rant.

Knock1, your critique is spot on. No need to apologize. OP might get relevant responses on some other forum dedicated to tape or even on What’s Best Forum. Many of those guys are tape aficionados.

Thank you, ho249 and lewm. I am a member over at Tapeheads and What's Best but have not visited the sites in quite some time. I am headed there now.